Kudos Casino

Kudos Casino is an up and coming online casino that packs in features like top-name online games, excellent security, good variety, solid promotions and a very simple interface that makes it easy for just about anyone to gamble. If you're serious about online gambling, there's a lot to see and experience at Kudos Casino, which is why so many players decide to give the casino a try.

Can Players from Canada, Australia,New Zealand, the UK and the United States Wager?

Kudos casino currently accepts players from most areas of the world, making it easy to join and to begin playing there. If you are interested in playing on the site, and you are from one of the countries listed up above, you shouldn't have trouble joining and getting started wagering either.

Kudos Casino is an impressive online mobile gambling site that works with most devices and that offers a good blend of games to pick and choose from. Below we look at the different features of the site specifically and decide whether or not the site is going to be a good fit or not as a result. We carefully examine the different features of the casino to decide whether we should be playing there or not. Keep reading to learn more.

An Effective Mobile Lobby

Mobile players can access all the features at Kudos Casino by visiting the homepage of the site on their mobile devices. By doing that they will open up the mobile lobby where the different games and other features are available. Instead of having apps to download, the site offers a comprehensive mobile lobby that makes accessing all the different features simple and gives gamblers a way to do just about anything they want on the site overall.

There is no Casino App

While many online casinos still rely on software downloads and apps, Kudos casino doesn't have an app. Players that want to make use of the services on this casino can do so with the instant play platform. That means that the players can enjoy all the features of the site right through a web browser instead of worrying about downloads. There is a download button for the players that want to download software to play on though.

Choosing to Download or Play with Instant Play

When getting started at Kudos casino there are two different options to choose. Gamblers can choose to download the software for the casino and play using a program that's running on their computer, or they can use instant play. Downloaded software runs better on a slow internet connection, while instant play is more convenient for everyone else and doesn't require any download at all. If your internet connection isn't very slow, you'll likely be better off with instant play when wagering online at Kudos casino.

Signing Up

Signing up to the casino is quick and easy to do and you can go through the process in just minutes. Click on the sign-up button to begin the process. Once you have the sign-up form opened, you just enter in your information and finalize the sign-up process. After filling in the forms, you verify your email address and complete a real money deposit into your account. If you can do all of those things you can play for real money at the casino. It's simple to go through the steps, and many players can go through the full process in less than an hour, making it easy to start wagering the same day that you sign up to start.

Playing on Android Devices

Since the site is designed to run on instant play technology and not with apps most Android tablets and smartphones will work just fine. You can easily load up the mobile lobby and start playing games using your account with most Android devices.

Playing Using an iPhone or iPad

Just as the platform is simple to work with an Android device, it also works with Apple devices. Accessing all the site's different features is as simple as visiting the main site page with the appropriate device and signing into your account. Do that and you can start wagering just as you would on any other device.

Best Mobile Slots

Mobile gambling is more popular than ever, but before you start playing online it's important to track down the very best mobile slots. The leading slots load up on most mobile devices and they are easy to play on smaller screens. While most slots will work on mobile today, the top-quality mobile slots are more enjoyable to use and the ones to look out for. Below is a list of the leading mobile slots available today. Take a look through the different options and choose mobile slots based on your personal preferences to have a good time wagering online today.

New Slots

Old slots are enjoyable to play around with, but there's nothing more enjoyable than brand-new slot games. The newest slot offerings often come with exciting new features and different ways to play. Below are some of the newest offerings and more updates are expected in the future. Long-term gamblers will have top-rated options to choose from an a continually updated roster of games to pick and choose from as well.

5 Reel Slots

Five reel slot games are known by most people as video slots and they are known for offering modern features and exciting prize payouts. Video slots are offered in a wide variety of themes and types and they offer just as many different features to choose from as well. Gamblers searching for the most exciting slot games to test out should look at five-reel video slots to get a feel for what slot games are really capable of.

3 Reels Slots

Often known as classic slots, 3-reel slot games are known for being simpler and often offering lower prize payouts than their five-reel counterparts. Three reel slots are more relaxing, more traditional and still a lot of fun to play around with. Interested gamblers should take the time to get familiar with the different three-reel slot options and what they have to offer. Below are leading classic slot games, get to know the different offerings to better understand what makes the slots special.

Free Chips

Through regular cash bac offer sand welcome bonuses there are many free chip bonuses to unlock at Kudos casino. All these different bonus offers give gamblers something to shoot for as they wager online. Whether you are new to the casino, or you are a long-term player looking to maximize your winnings, there are bonuses that you should be looking out for. Keep an eye on the different promotional offers and make sure to use the different options to the best of their capabilities as well.

No Wagering Requirement Bonuses

While many online casinos today require gamblers to complete difficult playthrough requirement bonuses in order to unlock the bonus offers, that's no the case at Kudos casino. Instead, most of the welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses don't come with playthrough requirements at all. This means that they can be unlocked rapidly and easily. Interested gamblers should be able to trigger some of these bonus offers in just minutes thanks to the laid-back requirements.

Welcome Bonus

At Kudos Casino the welcome bonus gives gamblers a 100% deposit bonus right after joining. There aren't any playthrough requirements with this bonus offer, which means that you can unlock the bonus funds rapidly after joining. When you join a casino like Kudos casino you'll have access to your bonus sooner so you can actually make the most of the bonus offer that you're playing for.

Kudos casino is one of the leading online mobile casinos available today and it has the feature set to show for it. This site is easy to use, it comes loaded with different games to choose from and it's simple to navigate no matter what device you decide to use. Get started on the site today, or keep looking through all its different features to see if it's a good fit for you or not.

Play for Free Online

While it's best to play at Kudos casino for real money, it's not necessary just to get a feel for the different games being offered. Instead, you can wager using play money and test out the many different games offered by the site within moments. Registration isn't necessary and you can play around with many of the casino features simply by visiting the site and clicking on the games you would like to try out.

Real Money Wagering is Simple

When players are ready to begin wagering with real money they can easily join and start playing for cash. To do this they must visit the casino website and sign up for an account. That only takes a few minutes and is a simple process to go through. After signing up for an account, players must connect a deposit method and add real money to their account. Once a real money deposit is complete it's possible to place real money wagers and to begin gambling on the website. That's when the real fun begins.

The Games

Kudos Casino offers a good solid range of games to pick and choose from. From new gamblers to serious pros, there are plenty of options to choose from that's going to please everyone. With more than 150 different games, including slots, table games, video poker, specialty games and more, there's a lot to enjoy about Kudos Casino. Serious gamblers will always have something to do at the casino and that's before even considering the many different promotions that are offered.

There are dozens of different classic and modern-day slot games. Table game players will enjoy access to games like blackjack, roulette, keno, poker and more. Most of the popular video poker varieties are available, as well as many other variations to try out. There's also a good collection of progressive slot games with massive jackpot potential for gamblers.

Frequent Slot Updates

Kudos casino is built on top of the Realtime Gaming platform, which means that the gamblers there have access to a huge number of different slot games. Players can quickly pick and choose from the different options that they want to try out. Not only are there many games to choose from, but the games get updated regularly so gamblers have new options to test out as well. That ensures that there is always something to do on the site.


Whether you're new to Kudos Casino or a hardened veteran with months of play time at the site, there are plenty of promotions to take advantage of. There are deposit bonuses, free spin bonuses, no deposit bonuses and more. The best part of all these bonuses is that they come with far fewer restrictions that what you would expect from an online casino. Most of the deposit bonuses don't have any wagering requirements at all, the free spin bonuses don't even require deposits to unlock them, and there aren't many game restrictions on the bonuses either. Players are free to experience the games that they enjoy most, which is the way it should be.

Banking Options

Banking should be an afterthought while gambling online, not the main focus. That's why it's important to join a casino with simple banking methods that work quickly and easily. At Kudos Casino the options are simple to work with and they aren't extensive either. Gamblers can choose between cards or eWallet methods and that's it. Both MasterCard and Visa are accepted in credit or debit formats. For eWallet services there's Skrill and Neteller as well as EcoPayz to make use of. Each of the methods is dead simple to use, and they are designed to make the initial deposit quick and easy. When it comes to withdrawing winnings from Kudos Casino, eWallet services are best, but the cards can be used as well if you aren't in a hurry.

Instant Play Fun

Online gambling should be quick and easy to do, and at Kudos Casino it is. There isn't an extensive amount of work that goes into getting started. Depositing money is fast, and the games are all designed to be instant play if desired. That means there's no reason to download anything and players can start experiencing all of the games just moments after creating an account right in their web browser. This makes gambling more fun and more free. It's also easier to play on public computers or to use a computer at a friend's house with Kudos Casino.

Mobile Support

There's nothing like experiencing some of the top slot games on your smartphone or tablet while waiting on the bus to get to work, or while sitting at a coffee shop. That's the way that most gamblers are making use of online casinos today, and Kudos Casino makes that easy to do. The instant play games offered by the casino work on most mobile devices without any downloads. That means your Android phone, iOS device or even some Blackberry or Windows Phones can be used to play the many different games offered by the casino.

Try Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments are a new way to play old slot games that you are already familiar with. Kudos casino offers several different types of slot tournaments for players to pick and choose from. After joining a tournament and paying the buy-in, players will compete to see who performs the best in a specific slot game during a set period of time. These tournaments often last several days and some last weeks. If you're at the top of the leaderboard by the end of the tournament you'll walk away with a nice prize payout as a result.

Excellent Casino Payout Opportunities

Gamblers at Kudos casino have a shot to unlock some very exciting casino payouts over time. These players can trigger special promotional offers and walk away with bonus money in that way. They can also unlock major prize payouts through progressive jackpot slots, roulette and other casino games offered on the site. With the right games it's possible to get very wealthy in a single gaming session with enough luck.

Ongoing Promotions and Rewards

Long-term players will enjoy a chance to unlock cash-back rewards at Kudos casino. These rewards are paid out over time as money-back offers. They give this money back on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. That means the more you play, the more likely you are to end up with some extra cash going into your bank account. Between all the different cash-back rewards, there are several different money-making opportunities to look forward to while playing the different casino games, even if you don't come away with a win from a slot session.

The Casino Works on Mobile

Kudos is a modern-day casino that is designed to work with mobile devices as well. That means that you can load up the different slot games and table games on your smartphone or tablet. If you are interested in playing the different games while on the go, consider gambling at Kudos casino. The different games will run right in your device's web browser so that you can load them up fast and start playing almost immediately. It's a good time to be a fan of wagering on mobile phones, because you'll find it quick and easy to do today.

Play with the Online App Immediately

This site is built to run in a web browser as well as to be downloaded for more local play. If you want to run the site through a web browser and avoid downloads, it will work that way quickly and easily. This special feature makes it simple to start wagering and to enjoy all the different features that the site has to offer even if you don't like downloading software. New players can get up and running almost immediately, and that's just one of the reasons that so many people are drawn to playing at the casino.

Start Playing without Registering

There's no reason to register just to try out a casino game at the site. Most will load right up in your web browser and allow you to start playing immediately without taking the time to register. Registration is a quick process, but it's only important for gamblers that want to play for real money. If you aren't interested in real money gambling, or you are just trying to get to know the site and what it has to offer overall, you can accomplish all of that without going through the registration process. Just visit the site, click on the Instant Play section, and choose a game that you want to try out. The game will load up in your web browser so that you can start playing it almost immediately.

Becoming an Affiliate

Casino players that would like to make money by bringing in new customers and recommending Kudos Casino to players should consider becoming affiliates. Kudos runs through the Income Network affiliate program. This special program gives you a chance to earn up to 50% commission on customers for the first two moneys and then respectable percentages on the months after the initial two. The program represents major brands and draws in customers regularly. Affiliates will earn between 25% and 35% commission depending on their success over time, and the program can be started by anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing.

No Sports Betting

There is no support for sports betting at Kudos Casino. Sports betting is wagering on sporting events that take place in real life and there are hundreds of these different events to wager on on a daily basis. Many bettors prefer to bet on sports rather than casino games. If you're among that group, you might want to consider joining a sportsbook rather than an online casino. There are many sportsbooks available to choose from today, and some are quick and easy to join as well. If you're interested in casinos and sports betting, you can be a member of Kudos casino while also being a member of a leading sports book with ease. The sites aren't mutually exclusive and there are good opportunities no matter what sort of wagering you enjoy doing.

Getting the Latest News

Keeping track of what's happening at the casino is simple to do when you're a member of Kudos. While there is no blog page or a customer forum, there are regular news posts and promotion updates for you to look at. Simply check back on the homepage of the site to learn about the latest updates and what's going on with the casino. You can also double check the promotion page to find out about the newest offers and exciting new ways that you can be rewarded for your time spent at the casino. The site updates regularly so there is always something to see or do when you play there. Get familiar with the offers and keep updated with the site so you always know what is coming next and when the best offers are available to interested players.

No Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are casino games that put you against an actual dealer that shows up over webcam. Some players love these games and others hate them. They are immersive though, and allow you to see an actual dealer as you wager online. Kudos casino doesn't offer any live dealer games currently, but the site does offer a good mix of different table games and video poker games to pick and choose from. That means that interested gamblers will have to stick with the standard casino games. Other sites offer live dealer games, but many of them have a smaller game selection overall than Kudos does, so it's important to consider the benefits of different sites and which will fit your needs the best.

Ample Payment Options Including Cryptocurrency

Depositing or withdrawing money at Kudos casino is simple to do with more than a handful of different payment methods to choose from. Credit and debit cards are supported, along with eWallet services and even some bank transfer tools. Even cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are available on the site to make transferring money quick and easy to do. With so many different payment methods to choose from there is an option that's right for everyone. Get to know the different options yourself and choose one that will appeal to you.

Secure Gambling

Gambling should be safe and secure, and that's a real concern for many online players that want to experience slots from their home computers. That's why it's important to verify that the online casino is taking proper precautions to protect player data. At Kudos Casino SSL encryption is used for all financial transactions. Player data is carefully protected and not even employees have access to player accounts. The casino is carefully monitored for safety and most of the games are created by Realtime Gaming, a well-known and respected software provider that's known for making fair and safe games.

Overall Kudos Casino has a lot to offer serious gamblers looking for online fun. Whether you are new to online gambling, or an experienced veteran looking for the next place to wager at online, Kudos Casino is worth checking out.