Boy King's Treasure Slots

Boy King's Treasure is a pretty generic online slot game themed after the Egyptian Empire during King Tut's reign. The slot game uses a theme that so many other games rely on that it isn't all that exciting for that reason, but it does blend in a nice mix of features and it looks pretty nice as well. For those two reasons we decided to do a complete write up of the slot game to see if it's worth playing or not.

Multiplier Wilds

The Boy King symbol is the wild in this slot game and can help you trigger more prize payouts as you go through spin after spin. This symbol can appear on most of the reels, and it is a powerful multiplier as well. When you create a prize combination using at least one wild that prize is doubled in size. The wild is a key to building the biggest fixed jackpots that you can while you play this online slot game.

Mediocre Fixed Jackpots

Outside of the free spin round in this slot game the biggest jackpot payout that you can get using all the same symbols is 1,800 coins from the bracelet symbols. If you throw in a Boy King symbol along with four bracelet symbols you can win up to 3,600 coins instead, for the biggest fixed jackpot in the game outside of the bonus rounds. That's not a huge win by any means, but it's big enough to get you excited and to pay out decent prize amounts if you have a larger wager in place.

A Progressive Jackpot Payout

Like many of the other Realtime Gaming slot games there is a progressive jackpot that triggers randomly as you play through rounds of the slot. To get this jackpot you need only be lucky and manage to hit the trigger after spinning. You could win the jackpot at any time and walk away with thousands of dollars that you didn't expect to win. You could win on a losing turn of the slot game, or on a winning turn, it doesn't matter.

Making the Most of Free Spins

Three or more snake symbol will trigger a free spin bonus round where you have the potential to win some really nice prize payouts. Some slot games offer multipliers on every single win that's unlocked during free spins, but that's not how it works with Boy King's Treasure. Instead, the Boy King symbol will serve as a powerful multiplier worth between 2x and 4x with every spin. Not only can you get some nice prize wins with just a single Boy King symbol, but if you get two of them they will multiply together giving you an even more exciting multiplier. You can get up to a 16x multiplier, which opens up top prizes as high as 28,800 coins when all the luck is on your side.

After taking a good look at Boy King's Treasure we were pretty impressed with the game. Sure the standard fixed jackpot isn't all that exciting and if that was the biggest prize offered by the slot we wouldn't recommend it to anyone. When you throw in all the really nice potential wins offered during the free spin round this slot becomes an exciting gambling option with some huge win potential.