Enchanted Garden Slots

Visit a beautiful garden while trying for a wide range of prizes in this online slot game. Enchanted Garden is an online slot that's designed to make you feel close to nature, and the slot works in some nice bonus features to make everything more enjoyable. From the moment that you start playing this slot you'll encounter all sorts of nature-themed symbols like fairys, butterflies, unicorns, sparkly card symbols and more that help create a magical theme. The game itself packs in some decent features, and makes it worthwhile to try out gambling online.

Betting Limitations

The betting limitations are pretty generous in Enchanted Garden. You are free to wager between $0.03 and $5.00 per line of the slot game, and there are a total of 20 paylines for you to work with. Like many of the more popular slot games, this one has adjustable paylines. That means you can have between 1 and 20 lines in play when you get the game going. The important thing to remember about paylines is that you can only win prizes on lines that are active, so if you play with just one line active you will have a tough time winning prizes. By turning your lines and line values up or down you can change your wager amount from $0.03 up to $100.00 per spin.

High Paying Scatters

Scatter symbols are worth quite a lot in this online slot game. Get enough of them and you'll unlock a big win from Enchanted Garden. Five scatters will pay out 200x your total wager amount, which could be worth as much as $20,000 if you have the maximum amount of cash wagered at the time. That's not too shabby for a scatter win, and it's not even the biggest prize that you can get from this slot game!

Fairy Wilds

The fairy wild symbol will show up on all the reels but the first, and when she does she will help you win more prizes and double any prize that she helps create. This wild can't form prizes of her own, but she's an important tool to help you win bigger and better prizes, and is definitely one of the most important symbols of this slot game.

Fairy Garden Free Spins

One of the best features in Enchanted Garden without a doubt is the free spin bonus round. This special round triggers when you get a garden symbol on the first reel and a fairy symbol on the last reel. Do that and you'll get a minimum of 7 free spins. During all those free spin rounds you'll enjoy a 3x multiplier, which means that the maximum prize win of 5,000 coins is transformed into a top prize payout of 15,000 coins or up to $15,000 from the unicorn symbols. It's possible to get additional free spins as well with the firefly symbols. When you get three or more fireflies on the same free spin, each of those fireflies can give you between 1 and 3 free spins to keep the fun going.

Win the Random Jackpot

As we tested out this slot game we noticed a random jackpot that continually increased in value. The jackpot grew and grew to more exciting levels, and offered thousands of dollars in prize money to the lucky player that's able to trigger it. This jackpot goes off without requiring any specific symbols, and it gives you a way to win massive amounts of cash from the slot. Jackpots can be worth more than $50,000 in some instances.

Enchanted Garden is a charming little slot game with just the features to make online gambling enjoyable. You'll have all sorts of winning opportunities to take advantage of as you play through round after round. As long as you don't mind the theme of the game you'll likely enjoy your time with this slot.