Fame and Fortune Slots

Fame and Fortune is a slot game that's all about being famous and rich and it incorporates symbols that you would expect to go along with that theme. From the moment that you get started with the slot game you'll be presented with themes of Hollywood, a famous Hollywood star, signs of wealth and a bunch of other cool symbols that keep the game interesting to play. From that point on it will be up to you to try and unlock the best prize payouts that you can from this slot game, and there are plenty of winning opportunities to take advantage of.

Watch for the Star

The beautiful star symbol is the wild in Fame and Fortune and will help you unlock the best possible prizes that you can get from this slot game. She will take the place of any symbol other than scatters. Not only that, but when she helps you finish up a combination of symbols to win a prize that prize is instantly doubled. That means that the star can help you earn much more than you otherwise could with a bit of luck on your side.

The Biggest Fixed Jackpot

Fame and Fortune is known for offering some pretty impressive jackpot payouts and you don't need to be in a bonus round to access them. during the regular rounds of this slot game if you manage to get five Hollywood signs you'll enjoy a 2,500 coin jackpot payout. If you get four signs and a star wild you'll actually enjoy a 5,000 coin payout which is a massive prize to win. If you do make it to the bonus round for this slot game you could double or triple that top payout for truly breathtaking wins!

Random Jackpot Winnings

Fame and Fortune comes with a random jackpot that you can unlock just by getting lucky while spinning the reels. There is no symbol combination to worry about to trigger this jackpot payout that could be worth thousands of dollars. It can come at the end of any spin and it doesn't matter how much you are wagering while playing the slot either. Everyone has a good chance of winning and the jackpot makes it more worthwhile to keep spinning those reels.

Free Spins

To unlock the free spin bonus round in Fame and Fortune you need to get Fortune and Fame stars on the first and last reels of the slot. Do that and you'll be taken to a special round where you get 10 free spins. During the first half of your free spins you'll enjoy a 2x multiplier and you'll get an even more powerful 3x multiplier on the second set of five free spins. That's a whole lot of potential money and something that you can really celebrate. During the free spin rounds you have a chance to win the largest possible fixed jackpots in Fame and Fortune, worth tens of thousands of dollars.

During the free spin round there are diamond scatter symbols for you to look out for. These symbols will help you unlock 10 additional free spins if you manage to get three of them out on the reels at the same time. That's a bunch of added bonus spins and many more chances to win some bonus cash along the way.

Fame and Fortune is a beautiful slot game that's all about living the life of a rich and famous person. From the moment that you get started with the slot you're sure to find at least one feature that you like about it, though this slot isn't jam packed with features like some are. Either way, we recommend the slot as a good mid-level slot experience that's worth trying out at least once.