Fruit Bowl XXV Slots

If you're a fan of the NFL or collegiate football in the United States, you'll love the look and feel of a new slot game made by Realtime Gaming. It's called Fruit Bowl XXV, and this modern slot game has a light cartoony feel to it, and some pretty exceptional features. The slot fuses fruit with football to make a fun theme that you'll enjoy each time that you load the game up. We decided to run through several sessions with the game and to put together an in-depth review for you to look at about this online slot game.

Choosing a Wager Amount

Fruit Bowl XXV has a pretty flexible wagering system that makes it simple to bet an amount of money that you are comfortable with. There are 25 paylines, but you can deactivate as many of them as you like to go from 1 to 25 paylines active with each spin. You pay for wagers on any active lines, so you can adjust your wager amount up or down by turning lines off. The line bets are also adjustable and can be turned down to $0.01 and up to $5.00 or somewhere in between those figures depending on what sort of bet you want to place. By changing your line count and the bet on each line you can get a comfortable wager amount for each spin.

Win Big with Scatters

Scatters can be high paying symbols if you get enough of them. While just two scatters will reward you with a 3x payout, getting five scatters will lead you to a 200x prize payout that multiplies your total wager amount. With a maximum wager you could win up to $25,000 with a full scatter payout, which is pretty darned exciting.

Decent Standard Payouts

The best payout that you can get during the standard rounds of the slot come from the grape symbol. This is the wild in Fruit Bowl XXV and also the high paying symbol. Get five of the grape symbols and you'll trigger a 7,500 coin payout, which is a pretty decent prize for standard play.

Free Spins

Get three or more scatter symbols to trigger the free spin round of this slot game. Do that and you could be looking at up to 25 free spins with a multiplier that goes as high as 5x. That means you could effectively win over $100,000 in a single spin during the free spin round with enough luck. How's that for a rewarding slot?

Random Jackpot Surprise

Imagine, you've just spun the reels without winning any sort of surprise, and just when you're beginning to feel like you'll never unlock a prize payout you're surprised with a massive progressive jackpot win! This happens all the time in Fruit Bowl XXV, because there is a random jackpot mechanism to keep you on your toes. While spinning the reels you always have a chance to trigger a random jackpot payout. You don't need special symbols to unlock the jackpot either. There are two different jackpot payouts, one in the hundreds and the other in the thousands, and both are nice surprises when you're not expecting any sort of win.

Fruit Bowl XXV won't appeal to every gambler out there, but it's a fun experience for players looking for something different or players that enjoy a good game of American Football. Give it a try and you might be drawn in by the excellent prizes and fun symbols.