Goldbeard Slots

Goldbeard is a pirate themed slot game that has you searching for the high value treasure, coming face to face with tough pirate symbols and hoping for the biggest jackpot payouts that you can scrounge together. Goldbeard is a beautiful slot game with a bright tropical island theme in the background and nicely drawn cartoon symbols. The slot does make use of the standard card symbols that are used in so many other slots, but they are carefully styled to fit the theme of the game and to look pretty nice anyway.

Choosing Your Bet

While playing Goldbeard players are free to wager between $0.01 and $100.00 with each and every spin that they complete. These amounts are dependent on how many polylines are active and there are 20 total that you can use for your spins. Those lines all need a value as well and players are free to turn the value up or down to reach a desired wager amount. Line values can be adjusted from $0.01 up to $5.00.

Using Autoplay

Goldbeard is built with an autoplay feature that makes it possible for you to assign the slot to turn through a predetermined number of spins without you pressing the spin button. Chosoe your spin amount in the tens, or hundreds, and then set the game to get going. You can assign a win amount that will shut this special feature off, but otherwise the game will keep going through spin after spin.

Making the Most of the Random Jackpot

Goldbeard like many of the leading online slot games today offers a random jackpot that's worth thousands of dollars. This bonus is paid out at random and does not depend on the wager amount that you have laid down either. Players have won more than $10,000 on just a $0.40 wager, which is an excellent return on investment for any gambler out there! This jackpot will go off at random after any turn of the reels and you won't even realize you've won until after you look at any regular prizes that you've won that round.

Extra Wild Free Spins

Goldbeard comes with a special bonus feature that will give you between 4 and 24 free spins with triple prize payouts during each of those rounds. Not only are prize payouts tripled during these turns, but the slot also offers extra wild symbols out on the reels, making it easier to unlock some solid prize wins that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Players report some really excellent wins in this special bonus round and we were pretty happy with our winnings when this bonus triggered even if we didn't manage to get the full 24 free spins.

Goldbeard isn't a feature-rich video slot like some of the other options available today, but the one bonus feature it offers is good enough to make the slot worth playing. We were impressed with the wins we were able to get from this free round and it didn't take too long to trigger either. If you're after a medium variance pirate themed slot, Goldbeard is the game to play.