Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Deluxe Slots

Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold is a pretty standard-looking slot game with a basic Egyptian theme and not a whole lot to offer besides for its colossal jackpot payout. It was the jackpot prize that made us want to test this game, but the slot offers more perks than that that kept us interested. If you want to learn about the powerful bonus features and more that make this slot desirable, read through our focused game review here.

Made by Realtime Gaming

This slot was crafted by Realtime Gaming, a leading slot development company. This company is known for crafting some of the best games available today, so it's a good thing that this game was made by them as well. If you join a casino that offers this game, you will get access to the rest of the company's game library as well, giving you loads of opportunities to test different games.

Demo it Free

It's possible to test-play this game at any time for free if you're interested in it. Run the slot in Demo mode, and it works without a real money balance. When you play in this mode, all the features of the game function the same, the only major change is that you can't win actual money. This is an exciting perk that helps you get familiar with the game when you're just starting.

An Egyptian Theme

This slot has a basic Egyptian theme and showcases the beautiful ruler Cleopatra as the main character. It has pyramids in the background and some pretty basic symbols based on hieroglyphs. The game itself doesn't look that unique, and it's a blend of the many other Egyptian-style games that we've tried in the past.

Created for Simplicity

There are only a few different buttons for this slot game, which means that you don't have to worry about a large number of settings to play this game. There isn't any wagering options to worry about at all, and you'll always use the same wager amount while you play this game. For new gamblers that don't want to deal with any complicated rules, this slot is ideal.

An Exciting Progressive Jackpot Slot

This slot game is a contemporary video slot with a powerful progressive jackpot prize payout. It's possible to win the massive prize payout listed at the top of the screen while you play this game. To unlock the top prize, you must get five of the wild symbols on the same payline. Accomplish this goal, and you'll be walking away with the full prize payout.

Playing on 25 Set Paylines

There are 25 paylines for this slot, and they're locked in the on position. There is no way to turn some of the lines off, which means players get 25 chances at a win each time they spin. This slot offers exciting winning opportunities because of the line setup, but it's more costly than some other games in terms of wagering because of this. We weren't happy with the wagering options for this game, and we believe it will scare away many gamblers.

Wager $1 Every Time

There aren't any wagering options to choose from with this game. If you decide you want to play this slot, you must wager $1.00 every time. You can't raise your wager amount, and you can't lower it. This rules out many low-stakes gamblers before they even get started. The game will also be unappealing to high rollers with thousands to wager on slots. Anyone that's comfortable with betting $1.00 or that finds this amount suitable will like this slot.

A Moderate Paytable

While we weren't stunned by the prizes listed on this slot's table, there are enough decent payouts to be worth playing for. You can win 2,000 coins from three different symbol combinations and have a chance at a serious progressive jackpot prize payout. These prizes are enough to get excited about, and they mean that you can get some solid wins while playing the game. They can't compete with the enormous fixed prizes offered by other slots, though.

Get 15 Free Games

Like many other slots, this game has a free games bonus round that's triggered by the scatter symbols. Get enough of these symbols, and you'll unlock 15 free games with 3x prize payouts. During this round, you could get 6,000 coins from a single win, and you could get much more with a combination win. It's possible to re-trigger free games during this bonus round, but this is the only bonus opportunity available while playing this game.

No Additional Bonus Rounds

Many of the games we test have a free games feature and one or more additional bonus games to play for. This game isn't like that. Instead, you get one good solid free games bonus feature, and the rest of the time, the slot works like normal. There is a progressive jackpot prize to play for, but that's the only other exciting feature of this game, and it's very difficult for you to unlock.

An Uncertain Value

We don't know what percentage of the money taken in is given out to players when they use this slot game. That makes it impossible to say whether this game is a good value or not. If you're wondering if you should play this slot, it's worth taking the time to test it for yourself if you want to know more about the prizes.

Our Rating

After fully testing this slot, we decided to rate it a 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. This is a decent rating that reflects the entertaining bonus features of the slot and the bland graphics. We weren't impressed by the look of the game, but we did love the bonus round as well as the mighty jackpot payout. This game has real potential, but it isn't suitable for all players.

Huge Win Potential

By just looking at the jackpot payout offered by this slot game, it's easy to see that there is the potential to win some very big prizes while playing this. If you're interested in winning big, it makes sense to test this slot for yourself. You could unlock a massive win for the reasonable wager you must make to play.

Free Play Fun

It's simple to have fun with this slot game if you're interested in entertainment alone. The game runs in a Demo mode without requiring any real money from the gambler. To just keep having fun with the game, you can run it in this mode for as long as you like without ever risking your casino balance as you play.

Built for Mobile Fun

Along with working well on most computers, this game will run on smartphones and tablets as well. Both iOS and Android-based devices can run this game well, and it almost seems designed for mobile gamblers. The slot looks natural on small screens and is entertaining to play on most devices.

Overall there is plenty to love about Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold, the online slot game. It is sufficiently rewarding, has interesting bonus rounds, and looks okay. We wish the slot has a more unique style and that it had a more exact payout percentage, but we recommend the game to most gamblers.