Locking Archer Slots

Locking Archer is cartoon styled slot game themed after Ancient Vikings. The whole game feels like its set in a Viking village down in a valley and is full of natural beauty. It's the type of slot that you'll find yourself staring at with a sense of awe. We really liked the features available in Locking Archer as well, though they aren't remarkable.

Play Over 25 Paylines Always

When you play this slot you must use 25 paylines. There are always 25 paylines and they're locked in the on position. Wins occur regularly thanks to having so many active lines, but you have to pay to use each line, which means your minimum wager value is $0.25 and that's for very small bets on each line.

Good Betting Options

When you play Locking Archer you have enough wagering flexibility to bet high and low values. Set your wager to a minimum of $0.25 per spin to extend the lifespan of your bankroll for as long as possible, or ratchet your wager value up to a maximum of $125.00 per spin. There are several wager values you can choose in between the high and low extremes, and that means that many gamblers can play this slot at a comfortable level.

Choose Different Speeds

Use the lightning symbols to swap between fast and normal spin speeds while playing this game. This speed toggle feature is simple to use and is a tool you can rely on to take control of the flow of the game.

Wilds Show Themselves Often

There is a hammer symbol that serves as the wild in this slot. You'll find wild symbols regularly and you will begin to count on them to help you create winning combinations. Use wilds to trigger some of your best wins, and watch for wilds with each spin because they should be one of your favorite symbol types.

Two Types of Free Spin Bonuses

There are two different free spin bonus games in this slot. The first is a straightforward bonus round you trigger with the straw hut scatters. Whenever you get three or more you'll unlock 10 free spins. The bonus is simple, but results in some excellent wins when you're lucky.

The second type of bonus round is more unique. This is the locky re-spin bonus. Get enough of the locking scatters and the reels lock and you get re-spins to try and trigger bigger and better payouts. Each time another locking scatter lands that reel location locks and you get an additional 3 re-spins. This bonus can continue for a long time if you continue getting scatters and you are likely to build a nice fat payout as you go through re-spin after re-spin.

Locking Archer is worth playing for its beauty and the locking re-spin bonus. These are the two features that are worth noting, and they're why we recommend the game. All the other features are standard and things you'll find anywhere, but we still recommend you give the slot a try, even if it's in demo mode.

Locking Archer is the Viking slot we didn't know we needed. We fell in love with this game for its locking bonus round and its beauty. Try the slot and see why the game is worthwhile.