Lucky Lightning Slots

Lucky Lightning Slots

True old-fashioned classic slots are becoming more and more difficult to find as more software developers try and dress up their slot games in one way or another. You can still get a pretty authentic experience with Lucky Lightning slots though. This slot game is pretty standard looking with a lightning bolt and three reels with a single payline. It has all the appearances of a classic slot, and there really aren't any surprises with this slot either. We did a full review of the slot, and we weren't surprised by what we experienced during the test phase. Take a look at our review for more information about how the slot works, it might be the classic slot you've been searching for.


Before you can start playing this slot game, you're going to need to place down a wager. Your wagering options are limited, but you do have some options to work with. You can decide to wager a small amount and risk as little as $0.05 per spin, or you can turn up the intensity a bit and go for as much as $5.00 per coin with a limit of up to 3 coins on the single payline of this slot. That means that at the highest level you can wager $15.00 per spin in this slot, which isn't too bad if you ask us.

Old Fashioned Fun

Lucky Lightning is the slot game you play when you don't want to deal with any added features. This slot is plain, old-fashioned fun. While playing this slot you'll just be spinning reels and hoping for the top symbols to show up on that single payline. If you get lucky you'll win immediately, if you don't you'll have to keep playing and hoping for the best. Either way, the slot is simple to pick up and it's fun without the learning that some other modern slots require you to do.

Watch for 7's

The red 7's are the most valuable symbol in this slot game and they'll show up on the reels regularly as you play. Getting three of them is the way to trigger the top payout for this slot game, but you'll also want to wager as many coins as you can to trigger the highest payout. With a 3-coin wager you will win 2,500 coins for having three of the 7's on the reels. That's a pretty impressive payout and certainly something to get excited about as well.

Easy Cherry Payouts

While most of the payouts in this slot aren't huge, that's not what you'll be shooting for while playing this game. Instead, you will be trying for regular smaller payouts. The cherry symbols will help with that. Getting even just a single cherry symbol will reward you with twice your wager back to you. That means every time you see a cherry you'll get the money to complete two more spins. Cherries will pop up frequently and give you access to those smaller payouts that you won't be getting all the time from the more difficult symbols.

There isn't much more to say about Lucky Lightning. It's simple, it's fun and there aren't any real features for you to think about. The paytable tells you just about everything that you need to know about the slot game, and you can decide from there whether or not you want to give the game a try. Take a look at it, decide if it looks appealing to you and then try it out if you like. We think some gamblers will have a lot of fun with this classic slot, while others will grow bored quickly.