Mister Money Slots

Have you ever passed by those big houses that are just beautiful, and they seem to have absolutely nothing wrong with them. Do you think to yourself boy that person has it made they must not have a care in the world. Do you wish at times that you could live in the world of luxury? Mister Money Slot game is the game that will have you sitting in the lap of luxury for a little while anyways unless of course you are lucky enough to hit that huge jackpot. Mister Money was surely designed with the image of money on the creator's minds. From the light color and animated winning combinations right down to the buttons which are in the shape of gold bars. Every aspect of this game will have you thinking you are rich; you will see very expensive cars, precious accessories, planes, diamonds (oh those beautiful diamonds) and of course money. You can surely see that money is everywhere within this fun filled slot game.

Show Me the MONEY

Mister Money Slot game is just like many other slot games with 5 reels and a total of 20 pay lines. You are able to choose how much you want to wager for each of the lines that you want to play. This means that you are able to wager one cent on a single line or go for the big money and wager twenty-five cents on all 20 of the pay lines. You are also able to set it on auto play, which means just set your wager and the amount of lines that you want to play and sit back and watch it spin.

Diamonds, Diamonds, and More Diamonds

If you are a woman, you know just how beautiful diamonds can be. If you are a man, you will also appreciate the diamonds in this slot game. The White Diamond symbol is used as the Wild in Mister Money and it will step in for any other symbol in order to complete a winning combination. If you are lucky enough to land five White Diamonds, you will win 5000 coins. The Red Diamond Symbol is used as the Scatter symbol. When you find that three or more of these Red Diamonds appear, you will have triggered some free spins (and everybody loves free stuff). Although Mister Money seems to be very simplistic it is truly a fun and exciting game to sit back and relax with after that hard day of work.