Roberta's Castle Slots

Roberta's Castle is a pretty standard fairytale-themed slot game that seems loosely themed around Sleeping Beauty. The slot game is nice to look at from the very beginning and has an excellent collection of symbols. It's the appearance that got us to try this slot game out, but we weren't too disappointed by what the game had to offer in terms of features either. If you think this slot looks interesting, take a look at our full review below to learn what it offers and if it's worth playing at all (it might be for some of you!).

Good Basic Wagering Options

When you get started with Roberta's Castle you're going to be dealing with pretty standard wagering options. There are 20 paylines and they are adjustable so you can choose to raise or lower the number that you wager on with each round that you go through. Beside for that, you can change your wager amount on each of the lines that you do have active to really adjust how much you are risking with each spin. The minimum wager is $0.01 and the maximum is $5.00 on each of the lines. That means you can wager between $0.01 and $100.00 when playing the slot depending on the settings that you use, which is decent, though not the largest range we've seen in a game.

Good Payout Opportunities

One of the easiest ways to judge a slot game is to look at the different payout opportunities available. The best payout that you can get while playing this game comes from 5 of the prince symbols, and getting that combination will reward you with 15,000 coins during the standard rounds of the game, and 45,000 coins during the bonus round. That's a massive amount of coins and will ensure that you get an excellent payout no matter what amount you're wagering while playing Roberta's Castle.

Double Wild Payouts

Not only is the charming prince responsible for the highest jackpot payout in this slot game, but he's also a powerful wild that will help you unlock additional payouts while playing this slot game too. He takes the place of all but the scatter symbols, and he doubles any payouts that he helps create. For all those reasons you'll want to watch out for the prince symbol, and when you see him you're likely going to unlock some pretty decent payouts from the slot.

The Free Spin Bonus

Getting three or more of the Roberta symbols is all it takes to trigger the powerful bonus round in this slot game. Do that and you'll get away with a total of 15 free spins where you have a better chance than ever to win big. During these free rounds any wins that you do get are tripled in size, that's how you're able to win up to 45,000 coins from the top jackpot combination which is worth as much as $225,000 if you're wagering the maximum amount.

There's a Random Jackpot Too

On top of the standard jackpot and the high-paying bonus round, there's also a progressive jackpot that ou can use to win big while playing Roberta's Castle. This jackpot can trigger at any time that you're playing and will pay out thousands or tens of thousands. It pays out after the standard payouts from the round, so there's always a chance you'll get a really nice payout, even if you don't win immediately.

Overall, Roberta's Castle is a pretty standard slot experience. The game is nice looking, it offers a good blend of features and solid payouts. It's a slot that you play if you enjoy the theme and you want a solid gambling experience, but you probably won't encounter any new features you haven't experienced in the past.