Ronin Slots

Ronin is a slot game all about Samurai Warriors and it looks like a pretty cool game at first glance. We really like the look of the slot and even the way the different numbers and letters are designed to blend into the theme of the game. We're assembling a full review of the slot game down below, and that review covers all the different features and the things we like and dislike about this slot game. Take a look through our review below to learn more about Ronin and whether it's going to be a good fit for you.

Decent Wagering Options

Ronin makes it easy to wager an amount you will be comfortable with. When you play the slot you are free to wager a small amount or a large amount depending on how much money you have available to wager with. There are 20 paylines in all and you can select or deselect those lines to wager on exactcly the number you want. You can adjust how much you wager on each line as well from a minimum of $0.01 to a maximum of $5.00 per line. That leaves you with a good range of wagering options from a low of $0.01 to a high of $100.00 per spin. That's an excellent range to be working within and it's something to get very excited about as well. If you want a slot that will let you wager the way you want to, Ronin is the slot game for you.

Double Your Wins

The Koku symbol is a valuable tool that will double every single win you get using its help. This symbol can show up on the third reel of the slot at any time and when it does it serves as a wild to complete prize payouts and double them at the same time. This even works with the game's fixed jackpot payout, giving you access to impressive prize payouts in this game.

A Solid Top Jackpot Payout

Ronin offers some pretty impressive prize payouts that will keep you coming back for more again and again. The wild Ronin symbol is worth up to 5,000 coins on its own, or 10,000 coins with help from the Koku symbol. Not only that, but the wild is a scatter as well and can trigger scatter payouts on top of the standard wild payouts, giving you a chance to win even more cash from the slot game. If that wasn't enough for you, there are two other decent symbols in this slot game, giving you access to a 4,000 coin payout and a 2,000 coin payout with help from the Koku symbol. With so many different high-paying prize payouts in this slot you always have a good win to look forward to when you play.

Ronin Special Features

There are three different special features for you to unlock in Ronin, each is exciting and offers good payout potential. To trigger any of these features you need to get the Koku symbol on the third reel and two or more Ronin symbols alongside that symbol. Do that and you'll trigger one of the three special features right after that.

The Re-spin feature is the first and one of the most useful. In this feature the third reel is held in place and all the remaining reels spin between three and 10 times. Getting two or more Ronin symbols once again will re-trigger this feature, giving you additional re-spins to enjoy.

There's also a free spin feature that gives you five free spins with an increasing multiplier. It starts out at 1x and goes up by 1x for each spin that you complete to the maximum of 5x. This feature can only be re-triggered once and the multiplier will keep going up if it is re-triggered, giving you the chance to go all the way up to 10x with some luck.

Finally, there is a bigger free spin feature. You get 25 free spins with a 3x multiplier. It's possible to re-trigger this feature and get an additional 25 free spins with a bit of luck as you go through your free spins.

The Random Progressive Jackpot

Along with all the other features that you'll enjoy in Ronin, there's also a random progressive jackpot feature. This feature can be triggered at any time and will have you enjoying huge payouts without even realizing why you're getting them. This jackpot is worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars and goes up in value over time as players enjoy the slot game.

A Powerful Autoplay Tool

Another nice perk of playing Ronin is that the slot comes with a pretty reliable Autoplay tool. It's possible for the game to go through many spins without you pressing the spin button every single time. Just select the Autoplay button and let the game do its thing. You can choose the number of spins you want, and stop conditions that will turn the feature off.

With all the different special features combined and the prize payouts, there is a lot that you will enjoy about playing Ronin the online slot game. It's fun, it's entertaining and there is always something to look forward to. That's why we recommend this slot game to other gamblers and encourage them to test it out at least once.