Santa's Reel Wheel Slots

Santa's Reel Wheel is a Christmas slot game that presents you with Santa and a whole mix of different bonus features. The game is unique because of its perks, not because of its graphics. Learn all about the other features of this game, and you'll see what we mean.

Winning Unlocks More Chances to Win More

When you get a win, you open up one of the higher reels, or you start the bonus wheel up. Anytime you win, you unlock another reel above your current reel. This slot is unique because it has three reels stacked up, and only the bottom reel is always available to play on.

As you open additional wheels, you increase your chances of getting wins, and you'll be more likely to unlock bigger and better winning combinations. While you play, your goal will be to open all three reels and then unlock the Bonus Wheel by getting another win.

This Game is Really About the Bonus Wheels

Unlocking the Bonus Wheels is what makes this slot enjoyable and powerful. To do that, you must get three wins in a row. Once you do that, you'll open the 2nd reel, the 3rd reel, and then start the Bonus Wheel.

The Bonus Wheel gives you free spins, unlocks the Fireworks bonus, offers an instant prize, or sends you to the Mega Bonus Wheel.

The Mega Bonus Wheel offers a fireworks bonus round and more free spins. This is the wheel you want to get to, and it almost always leads to huge prize wins.

The Free Spins Round is Special

Free spins lead to some of the most common wins, and they should help increase your bankroll nicely if you get any free spins. During free spins, the first and 2nd reels are open initially. Any win unlocks the 3rd reel, and you will win more frequently and better prizes.

The Fireworks Bonus is Simple

This bonus round is enjoyable, and it's yet another way for you to win major prizes while playing this game. During the Fireworks bonus, you get all three reels but only Fireworks symbols. Get enough of these beauties, and you'll win an instant payout that's large.

Santa's Reel Wheel slot is a good game because of the locked reels, the free spins, and the different bonus wheels. Without these features, the game is nothing special. It looks okay, but it isn't the graphics that should get you to try the game. Test its features, and you'll see why its unique bonuses are exciting and worth playing for.