Sweet 16 Slots

Sweet 16 is a candy-themed slot that showcases a bunch of sweet candies on a fun backdrop. The slot looks simple initially, but it has quite a few features hidden beneath its basic surface. If you're searching to get to know the game a bit better, you can learn all about the bonus features, wilds, and more by reading through the review below.

A Game By RTG

RTG which is also called Real Time Gaming is one of the most popular software companies in the world for casino games. The company is known for its hundreds of different slot games, which is why it's beneficial to play at RTG casinos. Join a casino that offers these games, and you'll have a vast variety to choose from.

New Players Can Demo the Game

New players just starting with this game can try its features for free before risking their own money to play. If you just want to get familiar with the game and aren't ready to risk your money just yet, you can do that by playing the game in Demo mode. This special mode works with free play money, and it's designed to be the same experience that everyone else has. You'll get to learn how the different features of the game work by playing in this particular mode, but you won't risk losing any real money as you play. It's the perfect compromise for new players!

A Colorful Candy Theme

It's obvious from the first moment with this slot that's it comes with an attractive candy theme. The game is loaded with lips, gumdrops, fudge, mints, and more. There are so many different types of candy displayed that you'll take time to get to know them all. The background of the slot is the selection of candy symbols over top of a purple background. This slot is colorful and bright and a lot of fun to look at, but the animations are pretty basic overall.

A Slot Designed for Beginner and Advanced Players

This slot looks simple to play, but it comes with enough adjustments and additional features that it's good for advanced players as well. If you're interested in trying this slot, you can set your wager amount simply, and then you can utilize the autoplay and speed features to adjust how the game feels to play. Utilize those options for a more customized play experience, or just use the Bet adjustments and the Spin button to play. It's up to you whether you enjoy this slot, so you can choose between different settings and play the game how you want to.

A Basic Video Slot

This video slot game has basic features that are interesting without being overly complex. Any wins you get will morph into new symbols for a chance at more prize payouts. The game has different bonus rounds, but it lacks a progressive jackpot that some other games offer its players. Without a progressive jackpot, the maximum prize wins can't grow as high, but some substantial successes can be achieved by playing this slot anyway.

243 Ways to Win

Even though the wagers of this slot work like there are 25 active paylines, there are 243 different ways you can win with each spin you complete while playing this slot. That means you have loads of opportunities to win, and you can count on winning prizes frequently as you play. This is good news since the wins are usually smaller in size, though there is the potential to win big while playing this game.

High and Low Stakes Wagering Options

High and low-value wagers are supported by this slot game, and placing wagers is as simple as possible. It's possible to wager a low of $0.25 per spin or bet as much as $125.00 per spin while playing this game. The values you wager are determined by the coin value you set. Choose the plus and minus symbols to adjust the coin value from a low of $0.01 each and a high of $5.00 to decide how much you'll be risking with each spin.

A Low Value Pay Table

Pays are lower for this slot game which means that you'll need to win many different prizes to walk away with a sizeable payout. The morphing multiplier feature is one way to increase the amount of money you win while playing this slot, but you'll rely on getting combinations of wins as you play for the best prize payouts overall.

Morphing Wins with Multipliers

Anytime you get a win while playing this game, the winning symbols will morph into new symbols at random. The morphed characters create the chance to win additional prize payouts, and this is something that players will get used to over time. Winning combinations that are created from morphed symbols come with multipliers attached to them. The first morph is a standard 1x prize payout, but the multiplier goes up with each additional morph win to a maximum of 10x during the base game or 20x during free games. This is how the biggest wins are achieved while playing this slot game.

Unlock the Sweet 16 Free Spins

Getting three or greater scatters on the reels at once triggers the Sweet 16 free games feature. During this bonus, you'll get 16 free games with powered-up morphing multipliers. The Morph Magic bonus feature comes with a multiplier worth between 2x and 20x, or twice as much as expected. If you manage to get any morph wins during the free games rounds, you'll win even more bonus cash. This bonus feature is the most lucrative in this game and something that most players will look forward to while playing this slot.

A High Value Slot

With a consistent payout percentage of nearly 97%, this slot game offers an excellent value to gamblers that want to maximize their chances of winning prizes. You are never guaranteed to get a good win while playing, but you'll win more money from this slot on average than many others that you try. Play the game at the right limits, and you can have a very good gambling session with it.

An Honest Rating

We decided to give this slot a value of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars after testing it for an extended period. The game is entertaining, but most of the prize payouts are small in size. We love the symbol morph feature and got excited when we were able to create huge multipliers during the free games feature, but most of the time, the wins weren't inspiring enough. If you want a candy-themed slot, this isn't a bad option, but there are more exciting games available to play.

Huge Wins Are Possible

Even though most prize payouts are smaller in size when you play this game, it's possible to walk away with a considerable prize win if you're fortunate enough. You could win as much as $625,000 on a single turn while playing this game if you have good enough luck. That takes some skill and some good fortune, but you could get very wealthy while playing this game if you're willing to wager the maximum amount while playing.

Fun Play Supported

For players that just want to try this game without risking any money in the process, Fun play mode is supported. This special mode works like the real money play version, but you don't wager using your casino balance. Instead, you spin the reels and wager with play money. If you just want to experience the slot for fun, the Play mode version of the game is the way to go.

Real Money Play Supported

It's possible to play this slot game using real money when you want a more entertaining and potentially lucrative experience. The game is designed to work with real money held in your casino account, and you are free to play using your balance whenever you like. If you don't want to risk your money playing, you can swap to Demo mode and still enjoy much of the same gambling experience.

Designed with Mobile in Mind

Mobile gambling is becoming increasingly common at online casinos, and this slot game is made to take advantage of that trend. The game runs well on smaller screens and will work on tablets and smartphones. The slot works on different Android and iOS devices and runs in a web browser without any special software. If you want to take this slot with you on the go, you are free to do that without going through any special steps. Sweet 16 is a sweet treat of a slot game, indeed. It isn't the perfect gambling experience for everyone, but select players will have a good time with it. We wish the prize payouts were more extensive, but the wins are consistent, and there are enough unique features to keep things interesting over time. As long as you enjoy frequent wins and don't need to get many large payouts, this slot is a good option.