Swindle all the Way Slots

Christmas is at risk in Swindle All the Way, the online slot experience. It's about robbers that are trying to rip off homes around Christmas time. This unique slot experience looks entertaining, but we don't know if we want to recommend it to other gamblers or not. We decided to explore all the features of the game in a complete review below, and at the end, we'll explain who should play this slot and who should avoid it!

Made By Real Time Gaming

RTG or Real Time Gaming is a leading slot game development company with hundreds of different slots to its name. This company created Swindle All the Way, along with a variety of other well-known games. If you want access to a good blend of high-quality gambling games, playing at an RTG casino makes sense. There are many casinos with RTG games available, so choose where you play with care for the best gambling experience overall.

A Slot with Demo Options Available

Wagering on slot games using real money can seem risky at first, especially if you don't know what you're doing. To make this more comfortable for new slot players, this game is available to play or free as well as for real money. If you just want to test the game and you aren't worried about winning a real money prize while you play, you can operate the slot in Demo mode and test all its features. When you're finally ready to start playing for a real prize payout, you can switch to real cash play and continue gambling and enjoying the different features of the slot in the process.

A Tale of a Stolen Christmas

This game is themed after a pair of robbers trying to steal Christmas from as many households as possible. Think of the story of the Grinch, but with a pair of robbers. They will go from one house to the next, trying to walk away with all the gifts, and you're along for the ride as they try and destroy Christmas! The game is packed with a blend of interesting symbols and special features, and it's an intriguing experience.

A Simple Slot

This slot game is simple looking, and it's easy to play as well. Even though the betting is quite advanced, the rest of the features are basic. There's an autoplay button for you to press, and there is a max bet button, and there is a spin button. Those are all the options available to you to play the game. Spin the reels and try for wins, and that's all there is to it.

A Powerful Progressive Slot

This slot game comes loaded with two different progressive jackpots. These prizes grow in value over time, and either one can be awarded to players randomly as they go through one round after the next. Spin the reels of this slot game, and you could walk away with thousands of dollars from one lucky progressive win. There are other modern features available in this game as well, and it has a modern feel to it overall.

25 Selectable Paylines

There are a maximum of 25 paylines available to choose from when playing this slot, and you can shut them off and turn them on when you play. The number of paylines you choose to wager on while playing determines how likely you are to have a winning spin. Turn more lines on, and you'll trigger wins more frequently. The number of lines you wager on also determines how much you'll spend to spin the reels. Turn lines off to reduce the cost of spinning, or turn more on and increase your odds of winning. It's your task to make sure you're balanced by activating and deactivating lines until you get an amount you're happy with.

A Wide Range of Wagering Options

There is a wide range of wagers to choose from with this slot, thanks to being able to turn paylines on and off and also adjust the value of your coins. You can turn the value of coins down to $0.01 each and up to $5.00 each. This means that you can effectively wager a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $125.00 per spin. This range works well for most gamblers, and it means that both low-stakes players and high-rollers can have fun with this slot at a level they are comfortable with.

A Decent Paytable

This slot has a maximum win of 2,500 coins on the standard paytable, which is decent, but things get much more interesting in the free spin bonus round. This is where prize multipliers are available, and those standard wins can become much larger. If you're fortunate enough to unlock the best features while in this special round, you can win much more than 2,500 coins in a single win.

An Impressive Free Spin Bonus Round

Getting three or more scatters is what it takes to trigger the powerful free spin bonus round for this slot. The game gives you free spins and a prize multiplier as well. After getting three or more scatters, you get a chance to try and unlock as many free games as possible before you begin the bonus round. Pick from some of the available locations to try and uncover robbers. Each robber you uncover adds to your free games and your prize multiplier. You can have as few as three free games and as many as 60 free games depending on the number of scatters that triggers the round and how many robbers you find on the reels of the slot. It's also possible to get a multiplier as high as 18x the standard amount if you find all the robbers with five scatters triggering the round. This bonus is powerful, and it's something to be excited about, but only the luckiest players will get to experience the most valuable bonus round. Getting three or more scatters on the reels during the round adds an additional ten free games at the current rates to keep the fun going for even longer.

An Amazing Value

If you're just searching for a high-value slot game and you don't mind playing a game with older-style graphics, it's difficult to beat the overall value that this slot offers. With an average payout of 98.5% of the money it takes in, you'll get most of your wagers back over time as you play the game. Most other slots offer a payout of 96% or less, which means that you can depend on this game to pay out more than most others. Try it for the value alone, and you may be impressed with the overall experience versus other similar games that you've tested.

Rating this Slot

We've rated a lot of games, and we took our time testing every feature of this slot as well before deciding to rate it a 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. The game is entertaining and offers powerful prize payouts. The bonus feature of this slot is one of the best we've ever tried, and each session with this slot is entertaining. We wish the symbols were nicer looking in this slot, but other than that, the game is well worth playing at it's one of the best values that you'll find online today. Play it if you enjoy interesting features or you want a high-value slot game to experience.

Win up to 50,000 Coins

Whether you're hoping for the oversized progressive jackpot win, or you're hoping to unlock up to 50,000 coins from standard wins, you can walk away with loads of money by playing this slot game. Some players get very wealthy playing this game, and if you're lucky enough, you can too. The win potential is here with this game, and that's the reason that some players are willing to sign up and play this game specifically.

Swap Between Free and Real Money Play

Since this game is made with a free play option built into it, you can easily play with free money or real money while enjoying all the features that the game has to offer. It only takes a moment to toggle between the two options at a casino that you're a member of. Try it in free play first and swap to real money play when you're ready to get real wins or swap from real money play or free play to keep the fun going even after you want to stop risking real money for the day. You can switch between the two play modes whenever you like, and it's simple for anyone to do.

Take the Game on Mobile Devices

If you want to continue enjoying this slot game away from home, you are free to do so. This slot is made to work on most mobile devices, and you can easily load and play it on both smartphones and tablets. Most iOS and Android devices will play the game, and you can run it in a web browser without downloading an app to play. That means you can start playing immediately and that you can swap between different devices conveniently.

Swindle All the Way is an excellent online slot game with a load of features to enjoy. We recommend most serious gamblers try it at least once, and many players will want to take their time to try it multiple times. Test the game yourself and see if you enjoy it as well.