Aladdin's Wishes Slots

Aladdin's Wishes is an online slot game designed after Aladdin, the Disney film. This slot game looks and feels very much like the movie itself, and offers some pretty cool bonuses themed after the film as well. It's the theme of the game that pulled us in and made us really want to give this slot a try and we weren't disappointed after reviewing it all the way.

Smaller Betting Limits

Aladdin's Wishes comes with a total of 20 paylines, but it has lower wager limits per line keeping your bets to pretty minimal amounts as you play through round after round. You can wager a minimum of $0.01 per line and bet as low as $0.01 per spin if you have just one payline active. If you have all 20 of the lines active you can wager a minimum amount of $0.20 and a maximum amount of $5.00 with the biggest wager per line of $0.25.

The Treasure Pick Feature

In Aladdin's Wishes there is a cool feature that will have you choosing treasure from the treasure room. Get three of the lamp symbols at a time and you'll be taken to the special pick room.. You get to make one pick for each lamp symbol that you got to trigger the bonus round, which means you get somewhere between three and five selections overall. Each selection can be a minimum of a 2x wager payout and as much as 25 free spins. This bonus feature can be extremely lucrative if you're lucky enough to get some of the bigger prizes from your picks, but it can also be quite stingy and only pay out a 6x prize payout if you are unlucky enough to turn over three 2x prizes for your picks.

A Nice Random Jackpot

Many of the Realtime Gaming slot games today offer random jackpots, but Aladdin's Wishes comes with a pretty powerful random jackpot that's worth thousands of dollars. We've seen the jackpot at close to $10,000 in some instances and it's very easy to unlock this payout with enough luck. You don't need any special symbols at all. You just need to spin the reels enough times and have the machine decide to randomly gift the jackpot to you. It can happen at any time and will certainly make your win rate from the slot much better if you get lucky enough.

Powerful Autoplay

This slot comes with an effective autoplay feature that makes it possible to go through hundreds of spins without ever pressing the spin button yourself. To use the feature you simply select Autoplay and then choose the number of spins that you want to go through before the game stops spinning. The level of spins can be turned up or down and you can also add in a stop spin feature to stop the spins from happening after you get a big enough win from the slot game.

Overall, Aladdin's Wishes is an entertaining slot game with a lot going for it. It doesn't offer massive prize payouts every time that you try it out, but there are certainly some nice wins to be had and the game builds on a fun theme that most people will enjoy. The combination of a nice theme and solid prizes make Aladdin's Wishes a slot that we highly recommend.