Caesar's Empire Slots

Transport yourself to Ancient Rome in a time period when gladiator battles, chariot races and all-out war were common parts of everyday life in Caesar's Empire slots. This slot game offers a bundle of features that keep things interesting for everyone that tries it out. Not only does the slot come with a nice blend of features, but it also looks pretty good too, which is why we're reviewing the game and deciding if it's right for everyone or not.

Wilds Triple Payouts

The golden Caesar coin symbol helps triple any prizes that it helps to create. When you get this symbol along with some others for a prize win you know that you have some good money coming your direction. The coin offers prize payouts of its own as well. Get four of the coins on the same line and you're looking at a 2,500 coin payout, which is very nice.

Scattered Coliseums

The coliseum symbols are scatters and will help you unlock some nice prize payouts. You can get between 1x your total wager amount and 100x your total wager amount with these scatter symbols. Two scatters leaves you with a 1x payout. Three gives you a 3x payout. Four gives you a 10x payout and five will leave you with a 100x payout that's both exciting and very worthwhile.

Free Spin Bonus Round

There's a free spin bonus round that you can activate at any time while playing Caesar's Empire. To unlock this special round you need to get a Caesar symbol on the first reel and a coliseum symbol on the last reel. Do that and you get 10 free spins with all prizes doubled in size. During this special free spin round any coliseum symbols are transformed into Caesar or Cleopatra symbols for bigger wins. Any time that you get a Caesar symbol you can receive between 1 and 5 additional free spins for the round as well.

Random Jackpot Wins

Even if you're starting to feel unlucky when you play Caesar's Empire, you have a lot of cash that you can potentially win from the game with a bit of luck. There's a random progressive jackpot that you can unlock at any time. It pays out after the spin round is over and you might think that you lost the round only to be paid out a nice fat progressive jackpot worth thousands of dollars.

Caesar's Empire is an exciting slot game, it's a nice looking slot and it offers enough features for you to seriously think about playing it. If you're after a slot game that will keep you busy, that will give you something to look forward to and that will help you win big, you should think about playing this one.