Aztec's Millions Slots

Aztec's Millions is a highly dynamic slot game based on the Aztec Empire. From the beginning you'll enjoy huge winning potential and a lot of cash opportunities as you go through round after round of the slot. Whether you unlock the ultimate jackpot prize of $1 Million, which is what draws most gamblers in, or you hit one of the smaller jackpots, there is a lot of cash at stake with this online slot game and we're excited about reviewing it.

A Fixed Wager

Players that like being able to choose their wager amount really aren't going to be excited by Aztec's Millions because it's a bit restrictive in that regard. This slot game forces every player to wager the same amount, $5.00 per spin. That $5 bill is split up into $0.20 increments on each of the different paylines of the slot game, giving you $0.20 credits to try and win prizes off of. That's more money than many gamblers will want to spend per spin for a slot game, and less than some of the high rollers are going to want to spend as well.

High Payout Opportunities

The highest paying fixed jackpot is worth 5,000 coins during standard rounds of Aztec's Millions. That's a decent amount of cash worth about $1,000 and will certainly help you expand your bankroll as you play through round after round of this slot game, but the biggest wins undoubtedly come from the special free spin round of this slot where prizes are multiplied and chances to win increase as well.

Triple Payout Free Spins

Get three or more of the golden idol symbols and you'll trigger the special free spin round of this slot game. The moment that you do that you'll enjoy between 15 and 25 free spins depending on how many scatters you get to unlock the round. Three scatters gives you 15, 4 gives you 20 and 5 gives you 25 free spins. Each win that you unlock during these free spins is tripled in value, all but the progressive jackpot that is because the slot isn't willing to double or triple that massive payout.

Winning the Million Dollar Jackpot

Okay, now we'll get to the reason that you've all came here for. The million dollar jackpot payout. When you play Aztec's Millions, you have a chance to actually win $1 million in prize money and the process to do so is simpler than you might imagine. To do so you just need to get five of the Aztec's Millions symbols on the same win line. Do that and the $1 million is all yours. Even if you miss the prize by one or two symbols you still have a lot of potential cash coming your way. Getting four symbols rewards you with 2,500 times your bet amount, and getting three gives you 250x your bet amount which is still a whole lot of cash.

Whether you win the massive jackpot and become an instant millionaire or you just play a more standard session of Aztec's Millions, there is a lot to like about this slot game from start to finish. It's nice looking, it offers good solid payouts and gives you a shot to win some massive bonuses as well. Gamblers that don't like the fixed wager setup at $5.00 per spin will probably want to skip this game though.