Aztec's Treasure Feature Guarantee Slots

There are lot of different slot games offered today with the theme of the ancient Aztec's. That wasn't always the case though. Aztec's Treasure used to be one of the most popular online Aztec themed slot games, and it was one of the first to be offered as well. Even today the slot game looks pretty good. It has rock solid graphics, some decent features and a whole lot going for it compared to some of the other slot games that you'll see today.

Placing a Wager

Aztec's Treasure is a popular online slot game with a total of 20 paylines. Each of those lines is variable, which means that you are free to turn them on and off to really adjust the amount of money that you are wagering with when you play the slot game. You can turn our 20 lines on and off to change the number of total wagers in place each time that you spin the reel. If you don't want to mess with the number of lines that you are wagering on, you can also change how much you are wagering per each of the different lines. You can go with a small wagers to help make your money last, or you can go for a big win right away. The small wagers amount to as little as $0.01 per spin with the paylines deactivated, but when you turn the lines on, your wager amount can quickly climb to as much as $100.00 per spin. That's another excellent range to play within, and it means that you can gamble in this slot game comfortably every single time. It's possible to wager even more money if you want to have the feature guarantee turned on while you play the slot. That adds an additional 5 reels worth of wagers, which means that you can wager as much as $125 per spin when you play the slot.

Using the Special Stacked Wilds

Like any good modern-day video slot game, Aztec's Treasure incorporates some special features to help you win more effectively. When you play the game, you have a chance to get stacked wilds on any of the three central reels. These wilds come in the form of the Aztec king and they will work to help you complete more prize payouts. When you get these wilds, you immediately know that you have a better chance to get prize payouts from the game.

Special Scatter Bonuses

The golden Aztec statues are scatters in this slot game and a powerful tool to help you unlock all sorts of free spins and additional perks. When you play the slot game, you want to get three or more of the scatter symbols. When you get that many scatters, you'll trigger free spins that can help you win more consistently. If you get just two scatters, the reels will speed up and you'll notice different music playing. You'll see that the reels take longer to stop spinning as you see if you managed to get the final scatter that you need to trigger the special round. If you do get enough scatters, you'll enjoy 5, 15 or 25 free spins depending on the number of scatters that you have on the reels. Any free spin round that you play comes with a 3x multiplier payout, so you can make the most of any prize that you unlock while going through the round.

Random Jackpot Opportunities

Every second that you play this slot game you have a chance of winning a random progressive jackpot. That jackpot ranges in size from one thousand dollars to several thousands of dollars, but you can win it with just a single lucky spin. You won't know when you've won the payout immediately because you don't win it with a symbol combination. Instead you will know when you get a good solid payout after your turn on the reels. Once you stop spinning the reels the jackpot will automatically pay out into your account if you were the lucky winner.

Winning More Regularly with the Feature Guarantee

If you spend the extra money to turn on the feature guarantee, you are more likely to unlock special free spin bonus rounds. You will have to spend an extra 5 reels worth of coins in order to have the feature guarantee working for you. With this guarantee turned on you will enjoy more frequent free spin bonus rounds, and if you go long enough without a round activating, the game will automatically turn it on for you. The guarantee is great for gamblers that want to be able to play bonus rounds more frequently and it can make the slot game more enjoyable overall.

Aztec's Treasure is a high quality online slot game with a good blend of features and some decent prize winning opportunities. With help from the free spin bonus round, it's possible to win as much as $75,000 on a single spin with this slot. That's excellent for the maximum wager amount of just $125 that you can place, and it's something that most players will thoroughly enjoy. If you want a nice looking slot that's themed after the Aztec's, or you just want a slot with a good blend of features, this is the one you should be searching for.