Jumping Beans Slots

There party's just getting started with Jumping Bean, a lively and fun online slot game. Jumping Bean is a Mexican themed slot with good music, good symbols and just an upbeat design that keeps you smiling and makes you want to come back to visit it from time to time. We couldn't help but smiling at this slot when playing through the test session, and ended up wanted to try the slot out again later on for that very reason. We did a whole test playthrough and made a review of the game as well, which is how we can say that the slot is worth playing. Read through our whole review to decide why it's worth playing to us, or why you might want to play it yourself as well. There's quite a bit to look forward to with this slot game, and that's why it's worth taking the time to test out.

Limited Betting Options

The first thing that you should know about this slot game is that the betting options are a bit limited when you get started. You aren't going to be laying down hundreds of dollars for a spin, which makes this slot better for all the low-stakes gamblers out there. You are free to bet very low amounts of cash with a minimum wager of just $0.01 per spin. When you want to turn up the intensity you can't go very far though. The maximum you can wager per line in this slot game is just $1.00. With only 5 lines that means you're limited to $5.00 per spin if you want to risk more. That's not a very massive wager and it means that your chances of winning massive prizes are a bit limited. This slot is perfect for low-stakes gamblers that weren't going to place huge wagers anyway.

More Wins thanks to the Nudge Feature

All the different bean symbols are easily the most important in this slot game and you'll want to watch out for them. Whenever they show up on the reels you have a better chance than ever to win prize payouts and special rewards. That's why we love the nudge feature in this slot game. It will nudge any bean symbols onto the reels if they're only one space off from making it onto the reels originally. This will increase the amount of time you have a bean symbol on the reels and will help you get some exciting prize payouts as well.

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is the wild I this slot game and will take the place of all symbols other than the scatter. When you get a Mr. Bean symbol you have a better chance of triggering a bonus payout on the line that he's located on, and getting a few of these symbols together usually results in a pretty decent payout's This wild doesn't have any sort of multiplier though, and is a bit more limited than slots in other games that are capable of taking the place of scatter symbols as well.

Mrs. Bean

Mrs. Bean is the other most important symbol in this slot, and we like her best because she offers exciting scatter payouts and also helps to unlock the free spin bonus round. Get three or more of these symbols to trigger the special free spin bonus round. Mrs. Bean is seen frequently on the slot game, and she will probably get nudged into position a few times as you play as well, giving you solid odds to go for the best payouts in the game.

The Special Bonus Round

Get three or more scatters to trigger this special round. No matter how many scatters you get, you will receive 10 free spins where you can try for the biggest prize wins. During this feature there is a special beans bonus feature. The beans bonus will have you trying to get as many different bean symbols as you can during your free spins. The total bean count is tallied up as you play, and you try and get the biggest bean prize payout at the end of the free spin bonus round. Get enough bean symbols and you'll enjoy an instant jackpot payout associated with that value as well.

Random Jackpots

There are random jackpot payouts built into this slot game as well, giving you increased odds of unlocking some sort of jackpot payout as you play. These jackpots come in Minor and Major forms, and offer you hundreds or thousands of dollars in instant payout cash. Just be lucky enough to unlock one of these prize payouts and you'll receive money right after the base game payouts are given out.

Jumping Beans is a hopping fun slot game with good graphics, a lively atmosphere and features that will keep you coming back for more. If you're after a slot with real potential this is a game to try for sure. Give it a test play and decide for yourself whether you enjoy the slot game or not.