Kung Fu Rooster Slots

When you're ready to test your kung fu, then you need to speak with the master and find out what they have to offer you when you do. Once you find out what is needed, you might then walk away with some of the cash prize that follows. The master is waiting and you are invited to try your luck at the game to find out where you end up. You might be surprised to see what it is all about and to find out if you're going to get anything big or not. Be prepared, as this is one of the biggest things to think about when it comes to those Kung Fu Roosters.

Since this is a slot machine that not many people think about, you have to consider whether or not you want to spin the reel and land on 5 reel, 12 payline slot machine. With less paylines than normal, it is definitely a slot machine you have to work hard towards getting the most out of. The rooster is working hard to show you his moves, but now you have to make sure that you're ready to show your own to him. If you are then take a chance and spin the reels to find out if you win anything. You might be surprised to see a large payout.

The Rooster and His Crazy Kung Fu Symbols

Even though there have been many slots that are alike this one, this one is the one that is completely themed, which makes it pretty cool. You don't have to worry about those classic card symbols showing up here, or having to get those special symbols to come down to the bottom so you can win a little bit here and there. This slot machine has you covered with the vibrant pictures, the fun and the big payouts that you want when you reel them around. Of course, smaller payouts come with this and many more. These 3D graphics are why so many choose to show up and play the game when the time comes.

The monkey, rooster and chicken are all what you want to keep an eye out for as these are the ones that pay the most when you use them. When you're able to choose the right slots for the occasion, you can benefit from them entirely. While the rooster is the most expensive symbol to land on, as well as the one that gives the goodies, it is also one that you want to make sure that you read into with the kung fu slots, the symbols and more.

What Extras and Bonuses are You Up Too?

The main bonus in this game is when you land on the rooster and he pays out 25 free spins to you. You can then win extra cash with these free spins or even activate 25 more free spins when you land on the rooster again. Luck can be with you when it comes to landing on the symbols that pay out the most. While the rooster is definitely the one you want to call upon, you can also benefit from landing on the monkey, as well. Everyone is happy with a big pay out.

You're going to be intrigued and in suspense throughout the entire game, so you want to keep it going when the time comes. Never have to worry about not being able to enjoy all that comes from the symbols and more. Through the use of the kung fu animals, you might find that this is something worth looking into so you don't have to worry about it in the end. Are you ready to try the kung fu master at these slots and see if you can walk away with the jackpot in hand.