Storm Lords Slots

Storm Lords is a modern slot game with beautiful animations and stunning graphics that draws in players from around the world. We first noticed the beauty of the game before even thinking about any of its various features. IF you're looking for a slot that will impress you, this one stands out nicely. We go into a full review of the game below if you're interested in learning more. Read more to find out what this game has to offer and what it lacks.

Crafted by Real Time Gaming

This game was crafted by Real Time Gaming and is one of the hundreds of different options that are available at compatible online casinos. Gamblers that want variety should consider playing at a casino that offers this game. Real Time Gaming is a top-tier software company and one of our favorite providers for different slot games today.

Enjoy Demo Play

There is a small risk involved with testing new slot games with your own money. This is why so many gamblers decide to demo games first when they can. That's possible with this slot game, which means you can test all the game features without spending any of your money in the process. That's good news for hesitant gamblers or anyone that wants to be cautious before starting to wager online.

A Brilliant Design for All Gamblers

We enjoy the appearance and feel of this slot, and it's built to appeal to most levels of gambler as well. There are autoplay and speed settings, along with advanced wagering tools to help you place your wager with ease in seconds. Whether you're just starting gambling online or you're a seasoned veteran, you can make the features of this game work for you.

Cool Anime Styling

Between the animated flower petals in the background, the stunning blue sky, and the detailed cartoon characters, this slot has a lot of personality. The game is designed brilliantly, and you'll enjoy all the different details of the game as you play again and again. This game looks impressive, and it's one of the reasons we started playing and recommending the game.

An Advanced Video Slot

This newer video slot is loaded with special features and powerful wagering options as well. There are three different bonus features, stretched wilds, scatters, and more for you to use. Between all these different features, there is a lot for you to look forward to and enough to keep most gamblers interested to continue playing.

50 Selectable Paylines

There are 50 payline that can be toggled on and off for this game. That gives you a huge range of wagering opportunities, and it means you can choose to have a good chance of winning prizes, or you can minimize your costs while keeping just a few lines active. With so many lines available, you have a lot of range you can use to change how the game feels to play.

Impressive Wagering Flexibility

Since this game has selectable paylines, it's possible to set your wager value with precision. You can adjust the spin cost of this slot from a minimum of just $0.01 to a maximum of $250.00. Adjust the coin amount and the number of active lines to achieve any wager value you like and play at a level that's always comfortable for you. This game should appeal to low-stakes gamblers as well as high-rollers and everyone in-between, thanks to its highly adjustable wagering options.

A Weak Paytable

It's a good thing that this game has so many bonus features because the actual fixed prize payouts aren't very valuable overall. While the coin bonus is powerful, the wins showcased on the paytable itself are lackluster. The highest win is worth just 800 coins outside of the coin bonus, which isn't much to get excited about. You'll rely on the special features of the game to keep payouts coming while playing here.

Treasure Coin Bonus

Anytime you get six or more treasure coin symbols in any position on the reels of this slot, you will trigger the coin bonus round. This bonus gives you three re-spins with the coins locked in place. If you get any additional coins on your spins, the re-spin counter restarts to three, and you continue the feature. When you run out of re-spins, you're paid out the total prize value from all the symbols on the reels. This feature can help you trigger the maximum jackpot payout that's worth 1000x your entire wager amount. This can be a huge payout if you're betting enough.

Two Different Free Game Features

There are two different free game features you can unlock while playing this slot. To get either of them, you need three or more scatter symbols. Get the scatters, and you can choose between wild reels or treasure spins. You'll enjoy six free games no matter which option you select, but in one, you'll hold the treasure coins locked in place throughout your rounds, and in the other, you'll hold the two wild symbols in position throughout the spins.

A Decent Value Game

With a payout percentage of about 96%, there isn't much to complain about when it comes to this slot game. Even though the game can't compete with some of the highest-value slots, it keeps up with most games and is a better value than some as well.

Rating The Game

We weren't overly impressed by the payout offered by this game, but we were impressed with its graphics and bonus features. That's why we decided to rate this game a 4.3 out of 5.0. It's worth playing for most gamblers, and it's a slot that you'll remember for a long time after you try it.

Win up to $250,000

It's possible to win up to $250,000 on a single spin if you're wagering the maximum amount while playing this slot game. That's a whole lot of cash and something for you to get really excited about as well. If you're willing to bet the maximum amount, you can unlock some nice prize payouts while playing this game.

Enjoy the Game Free Forever

There's no requirement for you to spend money in order to enjoy the features of this slot game. Instead, you could play it in Demo mode for as long as you want. The game will continue to function like normal for good, and it's up to you whether you want to continue playing for a few minutes or a few days. If you decide you would like to play with real money, you can do that as well.

Swap to Real Money Play

When you want to play this game for real money, it's simple to do. With an active casino account, you can fund your account and select the slot to start playing. It takes minutes to get started, and once you do, you'll be ready to play for one of many different prizes.

Works on Mobile

There are so many slot games available today that it only makes sense to select options that work on mobile devices. Fortunately, this game is designed to work on Android and iOS devices. It's possible to play this slot on most modern mobile devices as long as you can connect to the internet. If you're interested in gambling from different locations, you can do that by utilizing that mobile support with Storm Lords.

Storm Lords is a beautiful slot with a nice blend of features that make it exciting to play. It isn't a perfect game, but it's something we can feel good about recommending to most gamblers.