Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe Slots

Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe is a newer slot game with a simple look and feel and some cool features. We weren't impressed by the appearance of the game but were intrigued by the massive jackpot prize listed at the very top of the screen. We started testing the game for its jackpot and stuck around when we started trying its features. Learn all about the game's features in our full review below, and you may decide to stick around and continue playing the game as well!

Crafted by Real Time Gaming

Real Time Gaming is a well-known slot company responsible for some of the largest games available today. The company is responsible for creating this game and has hundreds of different games to offer players. If you join a casino that offers this game, you'll get access to loads more options as well.

Test it For Free

It can be overwhelming trying out a new slot game for real money. This is especially true if you aren't that familiar with slots in general. That's why it feels good to play a game that offers gamblers access to a demo version of the game that's free. This slot has a demo mode you can use to test things out, and when you do, you get to enjoy all the features of the game without putting your money at risk. It's an excellent technique to get familiar with the game.

A Simple Mexican Theme

This slot has a basic Mexican theme with bright colors, maracas, pinatas, tacos, and more to help bring the game to life. We love the colorful symbols of the game, and the pastel houses in the background give this slot a relaxed feel.

A Powerful Slot Designed for Simplicity

This modern slot comes with a nice blend of features that keep things exciting and give you large prize payouts to play for. Even though it comes with powerful features, the slot is very simple to play. The game locks your wager amount to one value and doesn't give you many other adjustments that you can make while playing the game. This means that you'll start playing by pressing the spin button, and for many gamblers, this is the only step they will have to take to enjoy the game.

Offers a Huge Progressive Jackpot

This slot comes with a large progressive jackpot payout that increases over time as you play. The payout is powerful enough to help you win hundreds of thousands of dollars if you're fortunate enough to get a win. If you're hoping to get rich while playing a slot, this game makes sense to play for that reason on its own.

20 Always On Paylines

There are 20 paylines in all in this slot, and each of the lines gives you another chance to achieve a winning combination. This slot is locked with all 20 paylines on for every turn, and you cannot change the number of active lines even if you want to. This will be an issue for some gamblers, but many enjoy the simplicity of this slot.

You Must Wager $5.00

One major issue with this slot game is that you must wager $5.00 per spin while playing. You have to risk this amount of money to spin the reel at all, and you can't change your wager amount while playing. This is a major problem for gamblers that can't afford to spend $5.00 per turn. Many players won't be comfortable with this slot game because of its wager limitations, but if you can, it makes the game simple to play.

A Valuable Paytable

This slot game offers a valuable paytable with many different wins worth more than 1,000 coins, and the top fixed prize is valued at 20,000 coins. There aren't many other slot games that offer the prize payouts that this one does, and that's one reason to seriously consider playing this slot game if you can afford to.

A Pick Bonus and Free Games in One

The only bonus feature of this slot game is actually a compound bonus that comes in two different steps. The first is a you-pick style instant prize bonus, and the second is a free games bonus feature. If you get three or greater scatters while you play, you will trigger this bonus round. From there, it's up to you to choose the position to unlock your instant prize. Once you've finished that and you get paid, the free games are unlocked, and you'll start going through this bonus round to try and get a big win. The free games double all the prize values, so you could win up to 40,000 as the maximum fixed prize payout. This powerful bonus feature is what you'll be hoping for while you play the slot, and it makes the game much more enjoyable.

A Decent Value Slot

This slot game pays out 96.5% of the money it receives from players in the form of prizes over time. That's a decent percentage that puts it ahead of many slot games but doesn't make it better than all games available today. There are many slots that offer a higher paying percentage, but we feel good about recommending this slot to gamblers that are concerned with value.

Our Rating

We decided to rate this slot game a 4.3 out of 5.0 stars after fully testing its features. We love the prize payouts, the simplicity of the game, and the bonus feature. We don't love that all gamblers must use the same wager value, and that will scare away many potential players. Overall, this is a good slot to play if you can afford it, but many players will have to look for different options instead.

Huge Win Potential

It's possible to win as much as $200,000 from fixed prize payouts on a single payline while playing this slot, and that's not even as high as the progressive jackpot payout value that players have unlocked in the past. This slot offers the potential for some seriously large prize wins, and that's one of the most appealing aspects of the game.

Play for Fun

For those players that just want to play for fun and aren't concerned with winning real money, it's possible to play this slot game for fun. The game can be played for as long as you like in a free-play mode. Run the game in this mode, and you'll enjoy all the features of the game without spending money on them. If you choose you would like to play for real money, you can swap to the standard version of the game whenever you want.

Wager Real Money

It's simple to wager with real money on this slot, and you'll always bet the same amount while you play. As long as you have a casino account with money in it and you're comfortable wagering $5.00 per spin, you can start playing with real money as soon as you like.

Enjoy the Game on Mobile

This modern slot game is built to run on most mobile devices. To run the game on a smartphone or tablet, you open the casino in a web browser and select the game. This carefully designed game will run on your device without any issues, and you can switch to a different device whenever you like.

Jackpot Pinata Deluxe is an entertaining slot that gives gamblers that can afford the game a lot to look forward to. Unfortunately, there's a whole set of players that won't be able to afford the only wager amount that's allowed, which means that many players will never even try this simple game.