Lucky Catch Slots

Lucky Catch is a sea-themed slot game that takes you down under the ocean and puts you in front of many colorful sea creatures. The game is a pretty standard slot experience, and it's something that will appeal to gamblers that want a basic slot experience. If you're searching for novelty, this isn't the game for you. If you want a slot that feels similar to other Realtime Gaming creations, this is another nice option with a good theme. Learn about the bonuses in this game and find out if it's an option you should be considering.

Made by Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming is the creator of this game which means that when you play at a casino with this slot, you have hundreds of other games to choose from. This is excellent news for players that enjoy variety, and it's something you should think about if you consider playing this slot game in particular. If you like the looks of this game, you will likely enjoy other games offered by Realtime Gaming as well.

Free Demo Play

This slot is available to play for free if you just want to get to know it or have some fun. It's possible to play the game in the Demo mode for as long as you like, and you won't have to risk your money to try it this way. If you want to win real cash prizes, you will have to swap from Demo mode to the normal mode, but you can do this in mere moments.

A Colorful Under the Sea theme

We love the colorful theme of this online slot game. There are all sorts of cartoon sea creatures showcased on the reels of this game, along with a vibrant ocean background. If you want to look at a nicely styled slot game, you will probably enjoy the appearance of this game.

This Slot is Designed for New Players

This game was made for gamblers that don't have very much experience yet. It's easy to use and doesn't come with many different settings or features. There are a few ways to win bonuses and unlock prizes, but most of the time, you will just be spinning the reels. Wagering is accomplished with a single set of buttons, and that's the only thing you have to worry about when playing this game.

Not a Progressive Jackpot Slot

This slot isn't a progressive jackpot game like many of the other modern slots offered today. When you play the game, you can win fixed jackpot prizes, but you cannot walk away with huge life-changing progressive jackpots. There is a random prize payout feature and free spin wins that you can trigger while you play this game. These perks keep the game interesting, but you can't expect to trigger them the whole time you play.

25 Paylines all Locked

There are 25 lines in total for this slot, and they are always active. You can't turn any lines off, which means that you'll wager 25 coins each time you spin. The wager values can be changed by adjusting your coin values, but wagering is simpler than slots that allow you to turn paylines on and off.

Mid-Level Wagering Options

Wagering is easy in this game because you cannot adjust the number of lines you are playing on. You always bet on 25 paylines, and you can wager a low of $0.25 or $0.01 per coin and as much as $62.50 per spin while playing this game. You are in complete control over your total wager amount, and most players are okay with one of the bet values in the range offered by this slot.

Low Prize Values

This slot offers moderate prize payouts to all the gamblers that decide they want to play it. The highest symbol value is worth 800 coins when you get five of them on a single payline. There isn't a single prize that's worth more than 1,000 coins when you play this slot, which means that you will be relying on getting lots of small wins to profit while you play this game.

Win Random Prizes

There's a small chance that you'll trigger a random prize payout during a spin when you don't win any other prize payouts. This bonus triggers occasionally, and it leads to an instant prize payout. Trigger this perk while playing, and you'll increase the number of wins you get.

Unlock up to 20 Free Spins

It's possible to get up to 20 free spins during the base game of this slot. To trigger free spins, you use the scatters in this slot. Three scatters is the minimum amount you need to win free games, and you will get 10, 15, or 20 free games based on the number of scatters you get on the reels. During the free games bonus, you will enjoy an increased chance to win, and this is where many of the best prize-winning combinations are achieved.

Our Honest Game Rating

We spent hours testing this slot and eventually decided to rate it a 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. This isn't the best rating that we've ever given a game, but this wasn't our best gambling experience either. The game is simple to play and has some decent prize wins, but nothing to write home about. If you want the best slot game available today, this isn't it. If you want an attractive sea-themed game with some good features, this is worth testing.

Win Huge Payouts

Even though the maximum prize wins in this slot game per payline are small, you can still unlock up to 20,000 coins on a single spin if you get several winning combinations simultaneously. This is the maximum amount that the slot will pay out in a turn, making this game exciting and valuable to play. Sure, the chances of winning this maximum prize payout are slim, but there is an opportunity to win vast prizes while you play this game.

Toggle Between Free and Real Money Play

This game is available in free play modes and real money modes. You can toggle between the two options when you load the slot, and you can easily change from one game type to the other by loading the game again. If you would like to try the game for free and then play for real money, you'll find it so easy to change between the two modes.

Works on Mobile Too

We always look for mobile compatibility when choosing a slot to play. We loved how well this game works on most mobile devices when we tested it on our smartphone and tablet. The game runs on smaller screens, and it functions well too. If you want to experience a good blend of features and you require mobile support, you can uncover all of that and more with this game.

We enjoyed our time with Lucky Catch slot, even though the game isn't the best that we've ever played. It's a standard Realtime Gaming play experience, and it's good enough to be worth a try or two. If you like the style of the game, you can have some fun with it, though it isn't perfect and there are certainly better games available for you to choose from if you search for them.