Scuba Fishing Slots

Scuba Fishing is the type of slot game that stands out. It looks like a classic slot, but has modern video slot features. It has very nice graphics, nice animations and good sounds as well. It's clearly a high quality slot game, though we don't know if it offers the features to make it worth playing. That's why we played around with the slot, made a review of it and we reveal all the details to you down below.

Start with a Wager

To get going in this slot game you need to place a wager amount that you're comfortable with. Fortunately that is very simple in Scuba Fishing. There is just one adjuster bar for you to use to change your entire wager amount. The paylines are fixed in this slot and you have 27 ways to win with every spin. The + and - keys can be used to change your total wager amount to something that is comfortable. Wager as much as you can comfortably to increase the prize amounts that can be won from the slot game, but be careful not to wager too much or you could use up your bankroll too fast to win any decent prizes.

Solid Prize Payouts

While Scuba Fishing isn't like some of the slot games online today that offer hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize payouts for a single big win, the slot does offer some solid mid-level prize payouts if you get one of the top paying symbol combinations. The top fixed jackpot is 7,500 times your line wager amount, which is a very solid payout if you bet enough. Even if you aren't fortunate enough to trigger this particular prize payout, you can get some decent wins from the slot game through other prize combinations as well. That makes it a powerful tool for winning, you just need a bit of luck on your side.

Cool Symbols

There are some very nice-looking symbols in Scuba Fishing that make the game more immersive and fun. You'll see fish, clams, plants, sharks and more as you spin the reels. Each of the symbols is carefully designed to look realistic and colorful. You'll also witness some very nice animations and decent sounds that really pull this slot game together nicely, giving you a good overall combination of features to make you want to try it out.

Sharks are Wild

The shark symbols are wild in Scuba Fishing, which means that you'll want them to show on the reels as frequently as possible. The shark wilds are a useful tool to help you win more prize payouts, and you'll see them more frequently than you might expect. The wilds will take the place of most other symbols as well, making them particularly useful.

Stacking Wilds and Free Spins

Those wild symbols come stacked as well, which means you could get a whole reel full of wilds with a bit of luck on your side. That's especially exciting because you can get bigger and better wins from Scuba Fishing with a full stack of wilds. This slot really plays on that feature too, and unlocks a free spin bonus when you get three wilds stacked on the central reel. The other two reels will spin while that central reel remains fixed in place. This creates some very good possible prize paying combinations.

Using the Convenient Autospin Feature

Along with all the other features that this slot offers, it comes with a convenient auto spin feature that you can turn on and off as well. Just press the button and the feature is activated. The game will spin again and again and you won't have to press anything to get it to do so. You can deactivate the feature at any time by pressing the button once again. It's helpful for gamblers that want to go through many rounds without stopping.

Scuba Fishing is a cool classic slot game with a good blend of features. The stacking wilds add a real element of excitement to every spin, and if you are fortunate enough to get a solid win or two you could come away with some serious cash from this slot game.