Rave Riches Slots

Rave Riches is a psychedelic gambling experience that we were immediately drawn to. Imagine heading to a rave where upbeat music is blaring in the background and dancing the night away, and that's the atmosphere you'll experience while playing this slot. We loved the game's look and decided to create a whole review of the slot because of that. Find out what we believe about this game and if you should be playing it or not.

Made by Real Time Gaming

We were glad to see that this game was developed by Real Time Gaming. RTG is one of the best slot developers around today, in our opinion, and the company has hundreds of different games that it offers to players. If you join an RTG casino, you can play this slot as well as many others. Experience this game and the others, and you'll see why gamblers that prefer variety have fun with this slot.

Demo it First

This game was designed with new gamblers in mind. Even if you aren't comfortable risking your money playing online slots yet, you can try this game with free money instead. Loading the game in demo mode gives you access to all the slot features, and you won't spend your money to access them.

A Slot Inside a Rave

From the moment you start wagering on this slot, you'll feel like you're at a rave. That's because the game is designed to stand out in a loud way. It shows off beautiful people that are all dressed to party. The symbols are animated when you achieve a win using them, and you'll feel like you're at a party while you spin and play.

A Slot that's Styled Nicely

A great deal of time and effort went into making this slot game when you look at the animations and the buttons for the game. There are two wagering buttons, a spin button, autoplay, and speed buttons, and all the buttons are styled to blend into the music styling of the game. The small selection of buttons are simple to use, and new gamblers will know what to press within moments of starting with this game.

A Video Slot

This modern video slot is animated nicely, gives players wilds and scatters to play with, and comes loaded with a few bonus features as well. It's much more complex than most classic slot games are, but it's simpler than most progressive jackpot slots and is a good mid-level slot for new players or experienced gamblers to play with.

243 Cluster Win Combinations

There are 243 ways to win with each spin, and the different winning opportunities are all cluster wins. There aren't paylines in this slot, which means that when you spin the reels, you have opportunities to win that aren't always obvious. With so many different paying combinations possible, you are likely to get wins regularly, but that doesn't necessarily mean this slot is better than games using paylines.

Small and Medium Wagers

There is a wide mix of betting options available for low-stakes to mid-level gamblers. The minimum wager limit is $0.30 per spin. The maximum wager is just $30.00 per spin. Many players will be happy with these options, but some gamblers wish the maximum wager went much higher. You'll have to decide if the wager options work for you or not.

Low Value Paytable Prizes

Prize payouts achieved while playing this slot aren't usually very large, and that's because of the prize payouts offered for the different symbol combinations. The best-fixed payout is worth just 750 coins, which isn't very high compared to the prizes at many other online slot games.

Leverage the Multiplying Wilds

The wild symbols featured in this slot come with a 2x multiplier on them naturally. That means that any prize you complete with help from a wild symbol is doubled in value. Things become more interesting during the free games bonus round. During this special round, the multiplier on wild symbols gets increased to as much as 8x, and this is where the biggest wins can be achieved.

Win Even More From Free Spins

The free spins perk gives you a set of free games to play through with a multiplier attached to the wild symbols. It's possible to get between 5 and 15 free spins with wild multipliers worth between 2x and 8x. If you get three scatters or more of the symbols, you will get to choose which free games option you want. To decide which option is best, consider that the lower number of spins you choose, the greater the prize multiplier is. The more slot spins you choose, the lower the value of the prize multiplier is going to be. Choose wisely, and you could profit in a big way.

Play for Free Forever

It's possible to use this slot for as long as you want without spending your money on it if you don't want to. The game's Demo mode works with a free money balance without any time limit. Even if you use the entire play-money balance, you can reset the game in demo mode to replenish the balance and continue enjoying it. This is an option for gamblers that are just looking for entertainment without any real cash prizes.

Play for Real Money

If you're hoping to play this slot with real money, you can do that conveniently as long as you're a member of a Real Time Gaming casino. Create your membership, and you just click the slot you want to play to begin wagering on it with real money. Set your wager limit at a level that you're comfortable with, and you'll be ready to start playing.

Game on Mobile

Mobile wagering is a top way to experience a slot game today. That's because you can play the game without being stuck in front of a computer. The slot runs on Android and iOS devices, and you can swap between different mobile devices and computers while enjoying the same play experience.

The Slot Value

About 96% of the money that gamblers pay into this game is paid out as prize money. That's a good deal for players, but it isn't a better deal than a large majority of other slots. It's just an okay value, which means that we recommend the slot to gamblers that aren't concerned with getting the best value that they can.

Rating the Game

Based on originality alone, we wanted to give this game a top rating, but we had to subtract points for low payouts and basic bonus features. Overall, we decided to rate this slot a 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. It's a good game and certainly something you should play, but there are other slots available that are more enjoyable overall.

Just Okay Maximum Wins

The biggest win you can get while playing this game is 2,000x your original stake. That's just an okay win, and it's not something that will make you excited to spin the reels of this slot if you're familiar with other games that are available today. We can say that this game pays out prizes frequently, and this is one of the real reasons that you should play the slot.

As long as you aren't hoping to get rich on just a few spins of the reels, you can enjoy playing Rave Riches. This online slot isn't perfect, but it is entertaining, and we recommend it to gamblers that want to have fun, enjoy cool graphics and keep moving.