Ox Bonanza Slots

Ox Bonanza is a newer slot creation from RTG that shows off some beautiful animal symbols and a set of progressive jackpot bonuses. The game is mysterious and looks fun, but we couldn't tell if it was worth playing or not during our first look. Test the slot for yourself to decide if it's worth playing or not.

Made by Real Time Gaming

We love Real Time Gaming because the slot developer offers high-quality games and has created hundreds of different options. If you decide to join a casino that offers this slot game, you'll get access to hundreds of other games from Real Time Gaming as well. That's one of the biggest benefits of joining an RTG casino, and we highly recommend more players try these casinos to experience the many different games.

New Players Can Demo It

This slot is free to demo for anyone. That means new gamblers can test the game for free before deciding if they want to keep playing there. If you aren't sure about the game, you can test it using a free-play balance. If you don't like the game, you don't have to risk your money on it, and if you do enjoy the game, you can swap to real money play whenever you want to.

Themed After the Chinese Zodiac Calendar

This slot is themed after the Chinese Zodiac calendar and showcases a bunch of brightly colored animal symbols as well as some generic card symbols. We like the look of the game, and it shows off some beautiful cherry blossom trees in the background. The slot looks nice, but it looks like many other slots that we've tested in the past.

Made with a Simple Design

This slot was designed for simplicity. Even if you haven't played many slot games before, you can start playing this game in just a few minutes, and you'll enjoy access to all the features of the game with just a few buttons.

Two Progressive Jackpots

There are two different progressive jackpots to play for when wagering on this video slot. The jackpots are awarded at random, and there's always a chance you could win the Minor or Major jackpots while playing. If you choose to use this slot, you will be hoping for a big win with each spin you complete.

25 Set Paylines

There are 25 active paylines in this slot. Whenever you spin the reels of this game, you are wagering on all 25 paylines. This makes setting your wager value simple, but it means that you'll have to pay more to play than you would with many other slots. With 25 paylines locked in the on position, you are likely to win frequently, and that adds to the entertainment of using this slot.

Wagering Not for Low Stakes Players

The wagering options on this slot game aren't great for low-stakes players. That's because gamblers must wager at least $2.50 per spin when playing the slot. That's a lot of money for most gamblers, and it means that many low-stakes players will want to look for a different slot instead. High-rollers will appreciate that this slot goes up to a maximum wager of $125.00 per spin.

A Basic Paytable

This slot offers prize payouts that are worth thousands of coins, but the paytable isn't that interesting, to be honest. Most of the prize payouts are small in size, and you'll be hoping for the few prizes that are worth a decent amount. If you're hoping for a slot with lots of valuable prizes, this isn't the one.

Utilize Morphing Wilds for More Wins

This game has a set of special morphing wilds that will transform other symbols on the reels into wilds as well. IF you get one of the wild symbols on the first reel, it can change other symbols into wilds as well. You'll notice many times when you get several wilds from this feature, and that's when many of your best wins will occur.

Up to 100 Free Games

The free games bonus feature in this slot is impressive. It's possible to get between 10 and 100 free games by getting three to five scatter symbols at once. When you trigger this bonus, you'll go through a series of spins with improved chances to win. You're more likely to unlock some exciting wins, and you'll have loads of turns to go through as you play for more prizes.

A Standard Value

With a payout percentage of about 96%, this game offers a decent value but doesn't stand out compared to other offerings from Real Time Gaming. We expect games to pay out this much, and that's why we can recommend the slot but won't tell gamblers it's a better deal than most other slots. If you're looking for a standard value, this is the game.

Honest Rating

We test-played this slot for hours and decided to rate it a 3.8 out of 5.0. The game is fun, but it lacks high-value prize payouts, and it doesn't give low-stakes players a low enough wager option. We love the bonus features and found this slot to be enjoyable to play, though.

A Poor Maximum Win

The biggest win you can get while playing this slot is just 5,000 coins. This isn't an impressive win at all, and it can't stand up to many other slot games offered today. Most gamblers would be excited to win 5,000 coins, but there are so many other slots that offer a bigger payout than this one. The one positive of this game is that wins are frequent. Even though you won't win much on a single turn, you can expect to get many wins during one play session.

Enjoy it Free for as Long as You Want

When you want to play a slot for entertainment only, you don't have to risk your money here. You can play the slot for free instead. The slot game is available to play for free for as long as you like. That means you can play the game with a play money balance. If you do that, you can enjoy all the features of the game, and you won't risk your own money in the process. If you decide you would like to play for money, you can swap to doing that as well within moments.

Wager with Real Money Easily

Wagering with real money is simple to do while playing this online slot game. You can change over to playing for real money just moments after testing this game. If you have an active account with money in it, you choose to play the game in standard mode, set your wager value, and you're ready to go.

Take it Anywhere

It's simple to take this game with you anywhere you go as long as you have a tablet or smartphone. This game works on Android and iOS devices, and it's simple to start playing whenever you like. Test the game out yourself on a smartphone in Demo mode, and you can see how well it works on mobile.

Ox Bonanza may have a pretty generic look and lack high-powered prize payouts like the ones offered at some slots, but this game offers cool features and a fast pace that feels good. If you want a slot that pays frequently and that gives you a powerful free games feature, you can have a lot of fun with this game.