Phantom of the Opera Slots

The Phantom is there and you have to be the first one to grab what is needed when you want to win the big amounts. Of course, even if you're just here for the theme, they are going to give you a great show and a bit more that follows up with the theme. With all that follows up with this one, you will be sure to have a good time and even more. You are not alone when you go to play a game that makes you smile, gives you a good time and even rewards you with extra cash since this is what you want to get from slots.

If you're ready to have a good time then this is the 5 reel, 243 payline slot machine that brings even more chances to win and play when you go to grab the phantom and the fun that follows. Nothing is better than knowing that you have the excitement that comes to follow. Not every slot machine has that many paylines. You can open up your options and make sure to grab the money when you land in the right combination for the right rows.

Those Symbols of the Phantom

There are many symbols out there that come with the phantom. You just need to know which ones are going to pay you the most and which ones are the ones that you need to walk away with and enjoy the extras that come with it. When the phantom comes walking into town, you know you're doing something right which is always a plus. The logo is the wild symbol and the mask is the scatter. You want to watch out for both of these since they're the ones that pay out the most.

Either way, you can be sure that these are the symbols you want to work with. In addition to these, the letter symbol is the one that stands out the most since it brings with it the chance to open up the bonus game that provides even more. There are also other features so you want to keep an eye on all of the symbols that come reeling around. Time to come out and try your luck with the phantom and what the opera has to offer.

Phantom Bonuses in the Opera

There are a couple of bonuses that you can feel good about when you cash out on the rest. Due to this, it is important to keep playing since you want to make sure that you try to win the phantom bonuses and more. The letter prize is what brings in up to 20x the amount of your cash bet, so it is definitely something that you want to try to get since it is going to pay out the most. The music of the night feature brings in some extra spins that are always good to win off of. The masquerade bonus feature is what everyone goes for because you get to pick from the masks that are given for the bonus that follows. Dancing wilds bring 10 free spins or more that you can play with. Get the most out of the bonuses that the phantom brings.

Check out all that comes with the phantom, with the opera and the bonuses. You can be sure to have a good time and you can be sure that you win the most when you're into the game. Keep playing to try to win the progressive jackpot that follows. This is a jackpot that is worth putting some time into getting since you will win a decent amount.