Count Cashtacular Slots

We found similar results during our review, but there was one standout feature worth knowing. Count Cashtacular is a Halloween slot game with cartoon spiders, vampire teeth, coffins, and haunted houses to set the mood. There are also creepy minions and stunning women symbols to watch. The game is set over a cloudy night with a large full moon looming high in the sky. It's decent looking, but it seems like so many other slots are meant to look creepy. It just ends up being plain to us.

Generic Play Features Don't Help This Stand Out

Each time we try a slot, we look for features that make it different. The paylines, betting options, and overall design of this game won't make it stand out.

You get 25 paylines that are fixed. You get wager limits between $0.25 and $25 per spin and a moderate chance of winning. This slot has the same layout as most other RTG games, and it is bland at first glance in every sense of the word. If you want yet another game you already know how to play, this one fits that mold nicely. There aren't any surprises in terms of standard layout and features.

Choose Between Two Different Free Spin Bonuses

We like that this game offers two very different free spin features. You get to pick from the two options by simultaneously getting the stretched Count wilds on reels 1 and 5. Not only does having the wild show up twice give you great chances of winning, but it also starts this game's bonus feature.

Choose between 12 free spins with a 3x multiplier the entire time or five re-spins with better odds of winning prizes. You could win well during either of these bonus features, and it's up to you to decide which option is better.

We recommend playing the game in Demo mode and trying to win the bonus feature twice. Try both feature options and decide which is superior before you play with real money. We enjoyed the 12x free spins better and won more, but we might have just been unlucky during the re-spin option.

Scatters Wilds and Win Up to 50,000 Coins

This game has stretched wilds and loads of scatters to help you unlock wins regularly. These features make it feel fast-paced and keep things enjoyable as you go through one round after the next.

The slot also offers a top prize winner of 50,000 coins. The payout isn't the largest we've ever seen, but you'll be happy with a 50k win! If you wager a good deal, that wins is big.

Count Cashtacular is another standard Halloween slot with a nice pick-your-bonus feature. It's your task to decide if the bonus makes the game worth playing, but we don't think it adds enough unique flavor to be worth it personally.