Plentiful Treasure Slots

Plentiful Treasure is an online slot game that features various Asia-inspired symbols, statues, and more. These beautiful gold symbols are nice to display even though they look a bit generic, but the prizes they unlock often aren't as exciting as you would expect. We were impressed by the progressive jackpots offered by this game and decided to learn more about what it has to offer. The review below digs into all the significant features of the slot for you to consider.

A Real Time Gaming Production

Real-Time Gaming is a major slot company and has hundreds of different games that it created. This game is just another one of its creations, and this is precisely why so many gamblers look or RTG casinos. These sites are packed with high-quality games, and joining one of the casinos makes sense if you want new games to explore regularly.

Try it Free

It's possible to test this slot game for free before you spend money on it. If you want to know the game and what it offers, you can do that here. Load this slot in demo mode, and you'll get to try all its features without spending money on them. This is convenient, and it makes it easier than ever for you to decide whether you want to play at the site or not. Spend time getting familiar with the game and then decide if you want to wager your money on it.

A Golden Theme

This whole game has an Asian look with many golden symbols and a lovely red pattern in the background. The slot is loaded with ornate statues, pottery, and jewelry, and it looks like something out of an Emperor's home. The game is stylish and attractive, but it's also simple to look at.

A Moderate Slot Design

This game is simple to play for the most part, but it has golden symbols that make things more complicated than basic slot games. You must choose whether to turn on some or all of the golden symbols, and that determines what other features you have access to. Advanced gamblers will enjoy choosing between different golden symbols as they play, but most beginners will want to keep all the symbols turned on to help them experience all the different features of the game.

A Progressive Jackpot Game

This slot game offers four different progressive jackpots that all offer different payout amounts. The Mini jackpot is the smallest, while the Grand jackpot is the largest. Each of these payouts can trigger at any time, and they grow over time until someone wins one. These jackpots are only available if you have enough golden symbols turned on, so you'll have to determine if you would like to keep them activated to use the feature or not.

A 243-Ways Cluster System

There are 243 ways to win with each spin while playing this slot. With so many different winning opportunities, you'll likely get at least one win while playing this slot. Wagering works like 88 paylines in place, so you must wager a minimum of $0.88 per spin or a maximum of $8.80 per spin. This range is smaller than many other slots, and it won't satisfy many high-rollers that play the game either.

A Low Value Paytable

We were amazed at how low the prize payouts are in this slot when first looking at the paytable for this game. With maximum prize values of 680, we weren't expecting any big wins while playing the game. This slot does pack in a few special features to help you get decent wins, though, and some big payouts are possible with enough luck.

Coin Jackpots Feature

If you manage to trigger the Golden Coins feature while playing this slot, you'll have a chance to unlock any of the four different progressive jackpots. These prize payouts are some of the most exciting, and you'll have to choose the correct God symbols to get a big win. Choose coins from the 12 different positions until you get four matching God symbols. When you have four matching symbols, you'll unlock the matching jackpot payout. This can be any of the four different progressive jackpots, which means you could win the Mini up to the Grand jackpot. This game can be a very big moment for gamblers that want to win big!

High Value Free Games

Whenever you get three or more scatters, you'll trigger the free games bonus round. In this bonus, you get eight free spins where all the low-value symbols are removed from the reels. With only the high-value symbols out on the reels, you'll get bigger wins more frequently. This special feature leads to some of the best wins possible, which means you can expect good value each time you play this bonus round.

A Poor Value

This slot doesn't offer gamblers a good value compared to many of the other available options to play today. Approximately 95% of the money that's taken in from gamblers is given out as prizes with this game. That's a lower percentage than what many other slots offer, which means that they are the better option when you're trying to determine where to play. If you're searching for the top overall value, this game isn't it.

Rating this Slot

We tried this slot for a few hours when creating this review, and during that time, we gave it a rating of 3.8 out of 5.0. This is a decent rating, and we gave it that because the game has powerful features, decent bonuses, and a good set of progressive jackpots. We don't love the way the slot game looks, and we wish that the prize payouts were higher, but there are more than enough ways to win that most players can still have a good time with this game.

Play this Slot for Fun

It's possible to play this game for as long as you like without risking any actual money. That's because the game will run in free play mode for as long as you like. That means you are able to turn the reels and try for a win again and again without spending your money. If you manage to win, you won't win real money, but you could still enjoy the entertainment aspects of this slot game.

Play for Cash Wins

Real cash prizes are the most exciting to play for, and these are what most gamblers will hope for when starting a new slot. It's possible to walk away with huge prize payouts, but you'll have to wager your casino balance to have access to these potential wins. Choose a wager amount that you're comfortable with, and you can start playing for real cash prizes as soon as you like.

Enjoy this Game on Mobile

This game is built to work on most mobile devices, and it's easy to play on most tablets and smartphones. There aren't any special apps to download, and you don't have to go through special steps to play either. As long as you can access the casino website with a mobile browser, you can play the full lineup of games and enjoy all the site's features from wherever you like. That's great news for gamblers that like to move around or for players that like to swap devices frequently.

Plentiful Treasure is a bland-looking slot game with some powerful features. It's easy to get excited about the progressive jackpot wins, but you'll want to hope for random wins as well when playing this game because it's common to get frequent low-value prize wins while playing.