Cai Hong Slots

Cai Hong is a pretty unique looking slot game and it's something that intrigued us on first glance. It's hard to ignore a slot game with clouds, a bright blue sky and a seemingly unique set of floating animals and Chinese inspired symbols combined with one another. You get a bunch of different animals that probably coincide with the Chinese calendar, but things just seem odd because of the way that everything is floating in the sky. After seeing this slot we knew we had to do a full review, and you'll want to read through this before trying out this very different slot game.

Betting Options

This slot game has 30 paylines and you can bet on them with large or small wagers. When you want to win as much as possible you can bet big with up to a $10.00 on each of the lines for a $300.00 wager. When you want to play for as long as possible you can take it easy with a $0.01 wager per line for a minimum bet of $0.30 per spin. Most players will pick an amount somewhere in the middle of those two values.

Wilds are Certainly Important

Wilds are your key to all the big wins in this slot game pretty much. Wilds will help you finish your prize winning combinations so you get more payouts from the slot. Wilds double any payouts they are involved in as well. Five wilds are worth the most of any symbol in this game with a 10,000 coin payout, which could really help enhance your bankroll.

Medium Payouts

Other than the wild symbol, which leads to the highest payouts that you can get outside of the bonus round of this slot, the best payout that you can get comes from the tiger symbol. The tiger is worth 750 coins on its own, and is worth a much more lucrative 1,500 coins once doubled with help from the 2x wild . The rooster symbol is worth the same amount of coins and is also good for a solid payout.

High Paying Scatters

Scatters are also lucrative symbols that you'll love whenever they show up. When you get two or more scatters you qualify for a 2x or greater payout times your total wager amount. If you can get five scatters you'll get an insane 500x payout, which will transform a standard wager into a huge payout for you. It's important to note that scatters are used to trigger the free games as well.

Mass Free Games

With three or more scatter symbols you'll start the free game bonus round. This round begins things off with 8 free spins and a 2x multiplier on any wins that you get, but that's not where things leave off. It's possible to get up to 33 free spins with a 15x multiplier with enough luck. There is a bonus picks feature that you begin with before taking your free spins. You get a pick for every scatter that you used to trigger the round. That means you get between 3 and 5 bonus picks. Choose the right options and you'll end up with many more free spins and a much more generous multiplier. During the free spin round you can re-trigger additional spins by getting three or more scatters once again. Any re-trigger that you get will give you 15 additional spins with the current multiplier.

Through our time with Cai Hong we found out about a lot of features that we really enjoyed, and some that we weren't crazy about. This slot game is a lot of fun to play through and is certainly worth testing out at least one time. Give it a try if you're looking for a game with good payouts, an interesting look and some solid features.