Lucha Libre 2 Slots

Lucha Libre welcomes one and all to them and provides the user with a lot happening in all aspects and areas throughout the gaming world. When it comes to wrestling, it is no wonder that they have made a slot machine game again to go after this favorite sport of all time. You can be sure that you're lining up the many different choices out there and going with the right ones for the occasion. Never have to worry about not being able to get what you need, since the options are right in front of you. Learn more about Lucha Libre and friends.

Keep playing is all you have to do when it comes to wrestling and being able to take over control. When you want to be the one getting someone to the ground, then this is the wrestling game for you to make use of. Never have to feel alone again. You can be sure that you're the one taking on the big name with this slot. Even though this is the second one out of the two, it is still just as exciting as the first one. With 5 reels and 30 paylines there are even more chances to win and more ways to play so make sure you're ready to take on those wrestlers one step at a time.

Lucha Libre Says Hello to Those Wrestling Symbols

There are wrestling symbols to pay attention too while playing this game, so when you line them up, you know you're either opening a bonus or getting a big payout. Since the entire game is themed, you can expect to see the symbols that go along with the first game, such as the chips and gauc, the wrestlers that were in the other, the television, the paper, the masks and more. You will have your pick of the many things you can line up together and then cash out with in the end.

Mucho Mayhem is the scatter symbol and this is the one that is going to pay out the most and also brings the exciting extras with it. Scatter symbols are fun and they are the only symbol that the wild in the game is unable to replace. The Wrestlers are the wilds and they can take over the entire board when they show up to play. This is something to keep in mind when playing the game, as many of these symbols pay out the most.

Lucha Libre is Ready for Extras, Are You?

You don't have to be extra, but the slot machine in front of you wants to be. When it comes to choosing the right extras for the occasion, it is good to think about measuring up and cashing out on those wilds that follow. Once you get three of the scatters in a row then you open up the Time to Rumble feature which allows you to choose which prize you want, of course, you can't see the prizes but you can guess. Another benefit is that you can grab some free spins and even play another fun extra game when you land on three or more of the wild symbols that come into play. Everyone is then able to cash out on the rest.

The symbols and graphics in this slot machine are much better than the first, which is why so many choose to play this one instead of the other. They still feel good about playing the other, since they win but they are also being able to cash out on the wrestlers that show up, as well. Take the time to look into all that is out there and make sure you walk away with the jackpot prize.