Football Frenzy Slots

Football Frenzy is a top-rated online slot game with a reputation as a fun and exciting slot to play, but why is that? We decided to find out exactly what it is that makes this online slot game so special and why gamblers seem to want to play the slot again and again. We took the time to play through more than 100 spins on this slot and discovered quite a bit about it during that time. Below are our results.

The Wagering Options

There are some pretty decent wagering options to work with when playing Football Frenzy online. Whether you want to risk as mall amount or a large amount, it's easy to do so when you get started with the slot. The game has a total of 50 paylines and they are all active at all times. That means any wager that you make will be multiplied by 50. The smallest wager amount that you can make is $0.50 per spin. The largest wager amount that you can make is $250.00 per spin. The range is huge and makes it possible for most gamblers to find a level that they are comfortable with. Whether you want to bet big or small you should be able to do so in this slot as long as you don't want to wager less than $0.50 per spin.

Choosing Lucky or Striker Mode

Other than the wager amount you want to work with you have another option to choose when beginning play on Football Frenzy the online slot. You need to choose whether to play in Lucky Mode or Striker Mode. Lucky Mode gives you a chance to trigger the free kick bonus after any spin. Striker mode gives you a 3x multiplier throughout the free kick bonus round. Each mode has its own special features, but only you can decide which is the right set of features for you.

Wild Multiplier Football Player

In Football Frenzy there is a special Football Player symbol that serves as a powerful wild and multiplier from one round to the next. This special symbol will help you complete prize payouts and will also double any prize that it helps create. Watch out for this symbol because it can help you win more cash every single time it works with you to make a prize payout.

Using the Free Kick Bonus Round

Getting three or more of the scatter symbols in Football Frenzy will trigger the special Goal Kick free spins game. This feature gives you between 8 and 100 free spins and it will give you a 3x multiplier if you're in Striker Mode. This special feature will also trigger with eight free spins after random base game spins if you are playing in Lucky Mode.

Penalty Kick Bonus

During the free spin bonus round of this slot game there's a chance that you can unlock a special Penalty Kick bonus. This bonus gives you a chance to unlock huge instant prize payouts worth as much as 100x your prize amount. To trigger the round you need to get a full payline of ball symbols. Do that and you'll move to the penalty kick round. During the round you get eight penalty picks. Get them all in to unlock the grand prize from the slot. There are also special golden ball symbols that can reward you with a 3x multiplier on your prize amount for even larger wins.

Football Frenzy is a feature-rich online slot game that's worth playing. Not only does this slot game offer some really nice prize payouts, but it gives gamblers plenty of options to work with making the experience more exciting and worth playing through.