Ghost Ship Slots

Take on the life of a pirate with Ghost Ship, a spooky slot game that features a range of pirate symbols. There are mermaid statues, ships sailing at night, cannons, pirates, bells and more to be seen on the reels. The slot itself is pretty dark and eerie, which really helps to create the right theme for this slot overall. While the graphics of the slot seem a bit dated, the game itself has real promise and there are plenty of features to get excited about when examining this slot game.

Wagering in Ghost Ship

Wagering limits are quite small in Ghost Ship, meaning that high rollers will probably want to skip right over this slot. Low stakes gamblers can wager as little as $0.01 when playing this slot, but high stakes players can't go above $6.25 per spin, which is going to be too low for many players out there today. It's important to choose a wager that you are comfortable with before you start playing this slot.

The Ghost Captain Wild

The Ghost Captain is the symbol that you want out on the reels as often as possible. This powerful symbol is the wild and will swap in for all but the Ghost Ship. Not only does the wild show up and take the place of other symbols, but it can fill up an entire reel in some instances giving you a much better chance to unlock prizes.

Scattered Payouts

The Ghost Ship symbol is the scatter in this slot game and also the trigger for the free spin round. From two scatters up players will receive a prize payout from these symbols. Five scatters is worth an impressive 100x your total wager amount. Get three or more scatters and you'll trigger the special free spin round of this slot game as well, giving you more chances to win a substantial amount of cash from the slot game.

Free Spin Payouts

If you're lucky enough to trigger free spins from the ghost ship symbols. You'll enjoy 2 free spins for every scatter that helped trigger the round and special multipliers are included for players with four or more scatters. Players that triggered the round with four scatters get a 2x multiplier, and those that triggered it with 5 scatters enjoy a 10x multiplier where the biggest prizes are won in this slot game.

Ghost Ship is a simple slot, but it's fast paced and offers good prizes. It's not all that nice looking any longer and is clearly dated compared to more modern slot games, but that doesn't mean it isnt' worth playing. If you're looking for a simple slot that you can play through comfortably, you'll love what this one has to offer. If you're looking for something with beautiful graphics or with a complicated set of features, you're likely to be disappointed by what this slot has to offer.