Eternal Love Slots

Eternal Love is a vampire themed slot game with beautiful modern graphics and a pretty dark theme overall. The slot game has a calm feel to it with a black backdrop and a pair of lanterns with burning flames in them. It's a nice looking slot, but it offers a good blend of features as well that made use want to test it out. Our review is below.


When you play Eternal Love you'll need to decide on a wager amount that you're comfortable with. There are several different amounts for you to choose from, so select between a low of $0.30 and a high of $150.00 per spin. The amount that you select should be a comfortable level that will allow you to go through many different spins before stopping. Don't go too low though, or you'll end up winning prizes that aren't exciting to you.

Adjusting the Slot Speed

When you play Eternal Love you have the chance to switch up the speed of the reels to suit your preferences. You can spin the reels slow, medium or fast to keep things moving. Simply press the speed button and light up between one and three candles to set the speed at the level you are most comfortable with. When turned all the way up, you can spin the reels again and again with only a split second of down time in between spins.

Eternal Love Wilds

The Eternal Love symbol serves as a wild and comes stacked on reels 2 and 4. These symbols will multiply prizes by between 1x and 3x when they help create them, and can reward you with up to a 9x prize payout when you use both of them at the same time.

Win Big with Scatters

The old coin symbol is the scatter in this online slot game and can reward you with all sorts of different payouts. Get two or more and you'll be looking at a prize. The maximum scatter payout is 200x your entire wager amount, which is a pretty big win if you're wagering a decent amount.

Free Spin Bonus

When playing Eternal Love there is a special free spin bonus game that you can unlock by getting three or more scatter symbols. Do that and you'll be taken through 10 bonus spins and have a chance at even more. During the spins you'll see a Life Force meter that reads somewhere between 3x and 100x your total bet value. If you don't manage to exceed the value on that meter, you'll be rewarded with additional spins until you do get to the value. During those extra free spins the Life Force meter will actually continue to rise by between 1x and 10x and you could end up with a 1000x meter by the end of your free spins!

Eternal Love is a nice looking slot game and we really enjoyed the test period with it. Even though the slot doesn't pack in a huge number of features, it comes with enough special bonuses to keep things interesting and give you a chance at some serious wins. That's why we recommend it.