Big Bopper Slots

If you've ever heard of the Big Bopper, the Big Bopper slot game will be a real pleasure. This online slot game is all about the famous singer that was known for his crooning voice and for popular songs like Chantilly Lace and others. The slot game has an old-timey feel to it thanks to careful design by Realtime Gaming, and it's the design that largely makes the game worth playing. If you're a fan of the singer, or just want to test out a slot with a different feel to it, read through our review to learn more about Big Bopper.

Minimal Betting Options

Big Bopper is pretty restrictive with the wagers that you can place. The only thing that you can do to adjust how much you are risking with each spin is change the bet level amount. This moves your bet amount from a low of $0.30 to a high of $7.50. These wagering options might be a bit high for some low stakes gamblers, and the high amount will almost certainly be lower than high rollers will want to play at. That means you need to be a gambler that likes playing within the given range in order to enjoy this slot experience.

A Powerful Wild

The Big Bopper serves as the wild in this slot game and can help you maximize your wins with each round that you play. When he shows up on the reels you can triple prize payouts that he helps create. This powerful wild is stretched across the reel, giving you more chances to win.

A Simple Re-Spin

When you get three or more of the BOPPPER scatter symbols on the reels, you'll have a chance to try to unlock the bonus feature while triggering a pretty solid payout as well. The game will give you a re-spin if you get enough of the scatter symbols. All the BOPPPER symbols are held in place during the re-spin, giving you a chance to get some more on the reels. Each time you get an additional symbol you'll get another re-spin to give you a try to get them all up on the reels.

Bopper Features

If you can manage to spell BOPPER across the reels of Big Bopper, you'll trigger one of the three bonus rounds in this slot game. These special bonus rounds are all highly lucrative, so you'll win big either way. The first feature is the Instant Win. The Big Bopper will sing while rewarding you up to 20x your wager amount during the first song. If he continues singing the prize payout can climb to between 50x and 100x your wager amount.

There's a free spin bonus round that might trigger. If the free spin game triggers the Big Bopper will sing Chantilly Lace and the longer he sings the more free spins you get and the higher your multiplier is. It's possible to get up to 45 free spins with a 10x multiplier if you are lucky enough and get a very long performance from the Big Bopper himself. The final special feature is White Lightnin. He sings he signature song White Lightnin while you go through free spin after free spin. Free spins continue as long as the song is playing, giving you ample time to unlock some excellent payouts from the slot.

The Big Bopper is a fun themed slot game that's perfect for fans of the singer that want to enjoy the music just a little bit more. If you want to hear the music, or you just want to try out a different slot game, this one is for you.