Light Speed Slots

Light speed is a space themed classic slot game with three reels and a single payline. It has all the appearances of a basic classic slot game, but offers features that help separate it from those very basic games. It's those features that make this slot exciting to play and that made us want to do a full review of the game. Even if classic slots aren't your thing you should still check out our review of the game below. It's surprisingly good for the type of slot it is, and we actually recommend it to a wide range of players today.

Your Wagers are Very Limited

While some slot games let you choose to wager pennies or hundreds of dollars per spin, Light Speed isn't one of them. We went into this classic slot expected to be somewhat limited with the wagers we could place, and that's exactly how the slot is. You can place between one and three wgaers on the single payline for the slot. Each of those wagers must be $0.25 per spin. That means you can wager $0.25, $0.50 or $0.75 per spin. How's that for options? With that said, there is quite a bit to enjoy about this slot game that should make you want to try it out at least once.

Wins are Very Limited

Along with the wagers that you can place, your prize payouts are also very limited and won't be making players rich any time soon. The best win that you can get comes from three ray gun symbols. When you get three of these symbols you'll unlock up to 400 coins if you have all three coins wagered while you are playing the slot. That's not a huge win and amounts to about $100 if you have the maximum wager in place. That's not the whole story of this slot game though, and you could definitely win more than that in a few different ways, but the first is the Light Speed bonus.

The Light Speed Multiplier

This slot game has a special feature known as the Light Speed multiplier or the Light Speed bonus. Essentially, there is a light meter on the side of the slot that goes up as you play through the rounds if you can get Light Speed symbols. Each time you get enough of the symbols the meter will climb up a full level and increase your prize multiplier by 1x. That means you can double, triple or multiply your winnings by even larger numbers through this feature. The multiplier resets each time you get a prize win using the feature. It is possible to get up to a 7x multiplier though if you aren't able to unlock the prize payout. If you can do that you will have a chance at some epic prize payouts and a chance t ow in the progressive jackpot as well.

A Powerful Progressive Jackpot

One of the best things about this slot game is that it has a pretty nice progressive jackpot. The jackpot can be hundreds or thousands of dollars and it can be won by anyone placing the maximum wager while playing the slot. If you do lay down 3 coins every time you spin the reels, you could unlock this massive prize payout if you get three of the ray gun symbols while also having the 7x multiplier active you'll win big. This jackpot is a lot of cash considering the best win that you can get otherwise is 400 coins or just $100.00 after a win. That's not a whole lot of money and much less than the jackpot payout.

We Like Light Speed because it's a classic slot with more to offer. The game pays out pretty tame prizes most of the time, but on rare occasions you can get a big win from the slot and come away feeling great about the play experience. It's those occasions that we're playing for, and that's the reason that we keep coming back to this slot game as well. If you're after a classic slot, but you wouldn't mind a game that has a bit more to offer, you will enjoy Light Speed as well.