Goblin's Treasure Slots

Goblin's Treasure is an online slot game that has a fantasy theme with dragons, magical stones, shields, mushrooms, goblins, swords and more. As you play through the rounds of this slot game you'll have a chance to unlock a bunch of special prize payouts. We were intrigued by the slot game the first time that we saw it and decided to do a full review of it. Keep reading to find out all there is to learn about this slot game.

Betting Range

From the moment that you begin playing Goblin's Treasure you need to very carefully choose the wager amount that you want to work with inside the game. The wager amount that you choose will determine how much it costs for you to spin and how much money you can potentially win during any one round of the slot. The higher the wager the more cash you can win. There are 25 paylines in this slot and you can turn them on and off at will. This gives you a wagering range of $0.01 to $125.00 per spin depending on the bet amount per line that you have turned on at the time.

Random Jackpots

Goblin's Treasure offers two random jackpots that can be won at any time while you play. The minor jackpot is usually worth hundreds of dollars while the major jackpot is worth thousands. Either one is exciting to win and you can unlock them after any one turn. Just keep spinning and you might get lucky with one of your turns.

Watch for the Wilds

There are two different wild symbols in Goblin's Treasure for you to be aware of. The first is a goblin and the second is a treasure chest. The goblin wilds come with a multiplier between 1x and 5x depending on the number of goblins that show up on the symbol. This impressive wild will only appear on the first reel and can result in some pretty solid prize payouts with the right luck. The treasure chest wild is a more standard symbol and just helps complete prize combinations. This wild shows itself on the last reel of the slot game, and doesn't give any sort of multiplier.

Decent Base Game Wins

Thanks to the powerful wild multiplier it's possible to win as much as 10,000 coins on a single spin in the base game of this slot game. That's because the highest paying symbol worth 2,000 coins can be enhanced with a 5x multiplier if you are lucky enough. That's an exceptional prize opportunity and something to get excited about.

Win Big with Scatters

Scatter symbols don't trigger any sort of special bonus feature in Goblin's Treasure, but they will help you win some exceptional prizes anyway. To win big from scatters you just need to get four or more of them. Four scatters gives you a prize worth 20x your total wager amount, which is pretty nice, and five of them gives you a prize worth 200x your total wager amount, which is extremely nice. Either way, you could win a whole lot of money from those scatters, so keep looking for them.

Free Spin Fun

If you are lucky enough to get a goblin symbol on the first reel and a treasure chest symbol on the final reel you'll unlock a free spin bonus round in the slot game. During the bonus round you get 15 free spins with a multiplier that is set by the total number of goblins on the symbol. That means you could get up to a 5x multiplier in this free spin round bonus! During the free spins you can trigger another 10 free spins if you get the same wild combination once again so watch out for those wilds!

Goblin's Treasure is a pretty enjoyable online slot game with some real potential. It pays out up to 10,000 coins just during the standard rounds of the slot thanks to that powerful multiplier wild, and the game just looks nice as well. With the special features and the sizeable payouts we can easily recommend this slot to gamblers looking to win big.