It’s a Mystery! Slots

If you're into finding out what is hiding inside that mystery box then this is the slot machine that you want to be a part of. With all that it offers, you can be sure that you're getting a bit of what you need and want and a bit of what you don't. Don't worry about what comes next with the slot machines since everything is a mystery, but keep in mind that this is the best kind of mystery since each and every spin of the reels might bring you closer to winning the greatest jackpot of all time. Now is the time to cash out on the extras and so much more.

There are many reels to make use of and when it comes to lining them up and making the most of them, you can be sure that you're getting them from the mystery and magic. This slot machine has 5 reels, 25 paylines and is a progressive jackpot video slot machine, which means that the more you play, the more chances you get to cash out on the extras that follow. You can be sure that you get this and so much more in the end. Never have to worry about a thing when you have the mystery in front of you.

Those Mystery Symbols Follow You Right Along

When it comes to the mystery symbols, you can feel good about the choice you made to move forward with all that you have and more. You can feel confident in knowing that you have some idea of which symbols are the best paying ones and which ones might not bring you anything, since there are some of those in every slot machine that you will ever come across. You want to know the details on what to line up and get the most out of. If you're ready, then keep these symbols in mind during game play.

The question mark and the rich gentleman are the two symbols that are going to pay out the most and are going to bring in the most benefit. The question mark is the wild symbol while the gentleman is the one that is going to benefit the wild and boost up the earnings that come with it. Both of these are going to unlock even more doors. Of course, the classic card symbols, the logo and others are waiting for you to check them out. The logo of the game is the scatter in this case and it can pay out a decent amount or even unlock some of the bonus games and features.

Those Extra Bonus Offers and Games

With so much that is being offered, you can be sure that you have the excitement that is waiting for you. Never have to worry about those bonus offers and games ever again when you have the right tools for the job. The biggest bonus that people love is the fact that there is not one but two different bonuses that you can cash out on. You can get the minor bonus or the major one, both being progressive so you want to stick with it and keep trying your luck at the game to find out if you can win one of the two.

There is a lot being offered inside the mystery game that holds everyone's attention and keeps them going. You just have to make sure that you're deciding on the right one to get. You shouldn't have an issue after this because they have you covered when the time comes. Now is the time to put your best foot forward.