Mice Dice Slots

Those crazy mice are at it again and with it comes the excitement that you didn't think you would have ever again. Cartoon like and just as fun, this is the slot machine that brings all of the action with it. You don't have to worry about not being able to get the mice that are on the dice out of the game. You can have all of the excitement that you want and need, while also feeling good about the way that the game looks and feels when you play it which is a lot more than some of the other games can say when you play them.

Even though the theme of this game is a bit weird, it is a theme that you want to make sure that you know more about since it brings the fun and laughter to the board and allows you to spin the reel and cash out on some extras. It is a progressive jackpot reel, 5 reels, 25 paylines and is a 3D real time gaming slot machine which is what actually brings many of the players in since it is so fun and exciting in this sense. You can be sure that you're the one in charge of the game.

There are A lot of Mice to Pay Attention Too

When you go to cash out with the mice, then you want to make sure that you know what to expect with what they have to give. They are in charge from start to finish and you can feel good about the choice to move forward with them. Without the use of the mice and the dice, you will have the hardest time taking the next step. Know all of the symbols and keep an eye out for the ones that pay the most when you go to play the game and line them up for the large cash out. It is well worth it when you're able to do this.

There are the classic card symbols, as many of the slot machines all have and they're dressed up and decked out to match the rest of the game. There is also the pretty mouse lady, the mouse dealer, the casino and the wind up car. There are a few other symbols that come reeling around the screen, so make sure to pay attention to those symbols that are not the classic card symbols as they're the ones that pay out the most.

Bonus Games and Extras to Make Use of

Even though this game is perfect for those that do not want to wager their entire life savings, it is a fun game that provides the winner with a decent jackpot and a good time all the same. When you land on the right mice, 2 or more, then you can open up the free spins feature which brings a bit more fun and games to the board. Not only that, but you can be sure that this is also a great way for you to make sure that you're getting even more from the free spins in the end. Complete a pay line and cash out on the rest of the bonuses that follow through.

The mice are there for you to make use of and now is the time to get them when you want to get the largest winnings and earnings that you can find. Nothing is better than knowing that you are winning money and being able to actually enjoy doing so. Not a lot of people can say this because they just haven't found the right place to spend some time playing the slots.