Shopping Spree 2 Slots

Shopping Spree 2 is an online slot game that's focused on the idea of going shopping and having fun spending a lot of money. The game showcases all sorts of expensive purchases while giving players a way to try and win a shopping spree of their own. If the idea of going on a shopping spree appeals to you, it makes sense to at least try this slot to see if it's a good fit for you. Learn what features this game has to offer and find out if you want to play it or not.

Made By Real Time Gaming

RTG or Real Time Gaming is a high-quality slot game known for offering exceptional features and a good variety of games to play. If you're interested in gambling online, you will love many of the games offered by this company. We were glad to see that the game was made by this well-known company, and it's just one additional reason to consider playing the slot.

Try it Free

Before spending money on this slot game, you can test it for free in Demo mode. While playing this game in the special demo mode, you will wager using a play money balance, but it functions the same as it normally would. In this mode, you'll get a chance to see and experience all the game's features, which is a powerful bonus for anyone interested in learning the slot without spending their money on it first.

Themed After an All Out Shopping Spree

Imagine your excitement after learning that you have more than $100,000 to go and spend on a major shopping spree! That's exactly what this game is themed after. You'll see expensive handbags, luxury watches, costly jewelry, and much more all on the reels of this slot. The game is all about spending a significant amount of money shopping, and with enough luck, you may be able to win enough money for your very own shopping experience!

A Bare Bones Slot

This slot game is designed to be as simple as possible. When you play the game, you'll only have a few options to use before each spin. There is no wager value to set, and the only buttons you have to think about are the Autoplay and Spin buttons. Autoplay gives you a few different options you can set to get the slot to spin itself. Spin is how you turn the reels manually to try and win a prize payout. If you're comfortable with those two options, you can play this slot with ease.

A Progressive Jackpot Classic Slot

This game is one of the more unique options that we've experienced, and it's exciting to play for that reason. The slot has the style and design of a progressive jackpot slot with a jackpot worth more than $100,000, but it has some features that you would find on a classic slot. There's a limited number of reels, the game only has one wager value that you can play at, and there are only a small number of different prizes you can win. There aren't many special features for this game either, which means that it's simple to learn and a good option for new gamblers that just want to get started fast.

9 Fixed Paylines

There are nine paylines, and they are always turned on as you play this game. Whether you want to play the slot, you will be wagering on all the paylines if you turn the reels. This makes the game simple to begin playing because you don't have any different options to think about. Some gamblers won't enjoy being so limited with their wagering options, but others will like the simplicity that the game offers them.

A Set Wager Value

The only wager value that can be set for this game is $2.25 per spin. This amount must be spent for each spin, which means that low-stakes gamblers will want to avoid this game, and high rollers will as well. If you're comfortable with wagering this amount of money for each spin, you complete you can enjoy this slot still.

A Mid Value Paytable

This slot game has a paytable offering gamblers a medium value overall. There are a few prizes worth 5,000 coins and additional prizes in the thousands of coins in value. The wild doubles prizes when it helps create a winning combination, and there are several symbols that you can mix between to achieve a winning prize combination. Between all these different winning opportunities, it's simple to get wins while playing this game.

Unlock Point Free Spins

When players get at least three scatters, they'll trigger the free spin bonus round. In this bonus, you'll go through a series of spins with the standard symbols along with special point symbols and free spin bonus symbols. As you play, you'll unlock additional free spins as you save up points. For every 1,000 points you get, you'll unlock three bonus spins during the bonus round. It's possible to get up to 12 bonus spins during this round if you can earn enough points.

Earn More Free Spins through the Bonus Round

When the free spin round concludes, you'll move on to the special bonus round, where your points get converted into bonus spins. For every 1,000 points that you accrued during the free spin round, you'll get three bonus spins. These spins will all be awarded during the bonus round after the free spins are finished. Even if you don't get enough bonus points to unlock special bonus spins, you will unlock a small instant prize payout during this round.

A Poor Value

This slot is alluring because of its progressive jackpot and flashy symbols, but it doesn't offer the same value as many other slot games available today. The game has a payout percentage of around 95.4%, which is slightly lower than the standard 96% that we look for, and it's a much worse value than the high-value slots in the 97% to 98% range. It's just an okay value and shouldn't be played by someone looking for the best odds.

Our Rating

We decided to give this game a 3.7 out of 5.0 stars after fully testing it. The prizes are valuable, and the game has just enough features to keep things interesting while keeping its requirements simple. Test the game to see if it appeals to you, and then decide whether you want to keep playing or not. You can try it for free if you like, which is a more convenient way to play.

Big Wins are Possible

Even though the coin value is limited to $0.25 apiece in this game, it's still possible to get a decent fixed win with a maximum prize of 50,000 coins possible. The game also offers a huge progressive jackpot payout that's even more exciting. Between these two potential prizes, there is a lot of money available in this game, and winners can benefit heavily.

Mobile Play Works Flawlessly

If you want to play this game on a mobile device, you'll love how well it runs for you on a smartphone or tablet. The game works on most mobile devices, and it runs just like it would on a computer. This slot works in a mobile browser, so you don't have to download any apps to get it to function for you.

Easily Toggle Between Fun Play and Real Money Play

Both real money gambling and free play modes are supported by this slot game, and you can switch between the two options in mere moments when you play. To toggle between modes, go to the games section of any supporting casino and choose to play Shopping Spree II. Once you select the game, you will choose whether to Demo the game or play it for real. The option you choose determines which mode you play in, so choose carefully to toggle between the two modes.

Shopping Spree II is one of the simplest slot games that we've played in a long time that offers as many features as it does. There are just a few buttons to press while playing this game, which makes it simple to start with. Even though the slot has just two buttons, the game has a few different bonus features, a wild symbol, and scatters that all work together to help you get more wins and to be successful with the game.