Monster Spins Slots

This light and colorful slot is a cartoony-styled game with cute monsters in different shapes and sizes. This slot puts you into a bedroom, where you'll look at all sorts of cute monsters as you try and win.

A Standard Grid Design

The slot uses the basic 5x3 slot grid design. It isn't exciting, and it isn't anything new.

High Stakes Wagering

20 paylines are always on, and you'll have to wager a minimum of $2.00 and a maximum of $100 per spin to play. This is too much money for many gamblers.

Slippery and Morphing Wilds

Wild symbols appear all over the reels in this game, and you'll expect wilds to help you achieve wins as you spin here. There are slippery wilds that move down the reels and give you more than one opportunity to win. There are also morphing wilds that change shapes and show up in unexpected locations.

When you play this monster-themed slot, you'll rely heavily on wild symbols and never know where they're coming from. It would help if you started getting used to wilds saving the day because that's how it feels to play this slot.

Play for Jackpots

We like that this slot offers several jackpot bonuses that you can win anytime. To win these powerful prizes, you must unlock the jackpot bonus round. While playing this round, you'll try different jackpot symbols. Try for the other characters to help you win a huge jackpot prize.

Monster Spins is a fantastic little slot with a lot of powerful features. It uses a cute design that you'll likely find charming if you try the game at least once. Along with an excellent design, this slot has impressive prize payouts worth playing for. Try it yourself; you might like it if you can afford the costly minimum wager.