Red Sands Slots

Australia is well-known for its deep red sands. That's one of its signature looks, so it's only natural that Red Sands is an Aussie-themed slot game complete with Kangaroos and the whole collection of pretty traditional animals you would find throughout the country and in neighboring countries. Despite its pretty stereotypical appearance, Red Sands is actually a pretty promising slot game. Sure the graphics aren't that impressive, but there is a good mix of features available that could give you a good reason to play the slot. We break down the whole game in our review below, take some time and decide if it's right for you, or try the game out yourself for an even closer look at how it all works.


Betting limits in this slot are pretty standard. There are 20 adjustable paylines, and you can turn them on or off as you like. There is a $0.01 coin minimum and a $5.00 coin maximum, which means you can wager between $0.01 and $100.00 depending on the settings you select. This gives you a good range to play with and should help ensure that you can play at a comfortable level with each spin.

A Minor Fixed Jackpot

The fixed jackpot of this slot game is lackluster to say the least and it's something that other gamblers probably won't be too impressed about. The game pays out a maximum of 5,000 coins from a single symbol combination during the standard rounds of the slot. That doesn't mean that you can't win more, but it does mean you aren't going to be getting rich from a single jackpot payout during the base game.

A Decent Scatter

The Moonscape symbol is the scatter for this slot game and it pays out a good selection of prizes. The best payout that you can get is 50x for five of the scatters, but 4 will get you a 10x payout, and even 3 is pretty decent with a 4x payout times your full wager amount. The scatters won't make you rich either, but at the lower levels they are respectable payouts that you'll come to look forward to.

It's All About the Kangaroo

The kangaroo is the most valuable symbol in this slot game (I know shocker!) and is pretty good for a few different reasons. First, the kangaroo is the key to the jackpot payout and will pay up to 5,000 coins if you can assemble five of them together as you play. Second, the kangaroo is the wild and will double any prize payout that it's involved in. That means that you can win bigger if you use the kangaroo to complete prize payouts. If you are fortunate enough to see the Kangaroo regularly, you'll probably uncover some pretty impressive prize payouts along the way.

The Re-Spin Feature

Even though much of the slot hasn't been that impressive up to this point, the re-spin feature is powerful and your single best way to unlock solid prizes. Still better yet, it's incredibly easy to trigger and you'll likely trigger the feature a few times as you play. You only need to get two scatter symbols to trigger this bonus. Do that and you'll enjoy 10 re-spins where you have 10 chances to unlock prize payouts. During these re-spins the kangaroos sub in for the scatters as well and double scatter payouts. Not only that, but if you can unlock this bonus with 5 scatter symbols those scatters will remain on the reels for every one of your spins, giving you the chance to collect 10 scatter payouts, which is pretty amazing. You might not win a fortune during the standard rounds of Red Sands, but once you trigger your first re-spin feature you have a very real chance to come away with some solid prize payouts.

Red Sands is a bit stereotypical and seems dull at first. It really picks up with the re-spin feature though and it's a slot that we can recommend with confidence. You might not love this slot as much as we did, but then again you might! It's entertaining, has serious prize potential and is one of our favorite unexpected slot experiences overall. Give the game a try yourself and see how you feel about it personally, that's the only way to decide if you really like it or not.