Golden Glove Slots

Golden Glove Slots

Golden Glove is a thrilling online slot game for any Baseball fan to check out. This highly dynamic online slot features a range of beautiful symbols from the game of baseball and a bunch of animations and sounds that help bring it to life. Even non-baseball fans will have things to enjoy about this slot game with some decent bonuses and jackpot offers to take advantage of.


When playing Golden Glove it's important to choose a wager amount that you are comfortable with. Wagering too much will burn through your bankroll too fast and leave you with nothing and no game to play either. Wagering to little will keep the prizes from being interesting and worthwhile. That's why it's so important to wager a comfortable amount. With a range of between $0.01 and $100 per spin it's simple to find a level that you are comfortable with, but that is also going to offer the rewards that will get you excited about the slot.

Win Big with Top Fixed Payouts

It's possible to win as much as $25,000 in one single turn with this slot game if you manage to get four catcher symbols and a single batter symbol for a prize worth 5,000 coins. Getting five catch symbols along will also reward you with 2,500 coins and four umpires with a single batter can give you 1,000 coins. No matter which of these symbol combinations you unlock, there is a lot of money at stake in this slot game and you can very easily expand your bankroll playing through round after round.

Watch for the Batter

The batter icon is the wild and will take the place of all the symbols. This special icon will double any prize that it helps create, which is a pretty exciting benefit to using the symbol. When you're spinning the reels you'll be overjoyed whenever the batter symbol shows up, and it's amazing how much you can get out of the symbol over the course of an entire play session.

Golden Glove Scatters

The golden glove is the scatter symbol in this slot game and is worth a whole lot of cash if you manage to get enough of the symbols. The scatter will reward you with between 2x and 100x your total cash wager when you get two to five of them. If you get the wild symbol as well as four of the scatters you can unlock double the scatter payout with a 200x payout, something that most other slot games won't allow you to do!

The Home Run Feature

While most other slot games don't' care about the order or location of scatter symbols, it's a bit important in Golden Glove. That's because getting scatters on three consecutive reels in a row unlocks the special Home Run feature. This feature gives you 9 free spins where all the wins are doubled. During these special rounds you can win as much as 10,000 coins, which is worth up to $50,000 to the top gamblers playing this slot game. During the free spins special H, I and T symbols are added to the reels. Get H, I and T at the same time and your batter gets a hit and adds one additional free spin on and pays an instant 2x payout to you as well. Once you go through the first 9 free spins you'll move on to the Grand Slam stage of the bonus. During this stage you get a 5x payout reward on one spin plus any additional hits that your players got with the H, I and T symbols. That means each time you get those symbols you're actually getting another round of the powerful 5x multiplier.

A Progressive Jackpot

Golden Glove comes with a progressive jackpot payout that can trigger at any time that you are playing the slot. From the moment that you get started every single spin that you complete could theoretically trigger this progressive jackpot payout worth thousands to go straight into your account.

Golden Glove is an exciting baseball themed slot with cool bonuses that build on that theme nicely. It's the closest slot game that you can get to actually playing Baseball and it offers enough features to make it worth playing even for the gamblers out there that don't enjoy the sport.