King of Swing Slots

The king is in and he is ready to take over the entire game when you let him. He moves his hips and shakes it down and makes sure that you're having a rockin' good time while playing at these slots. They provide you with the excitement that you're after while also being a great way to make a little extra cash on the side. The king gets his name from the way he moves and while he does this, you will be in awe watching him. He has your name in mind.

If you're thinking about being a part of the king of swings, then now is your chance to swing it around and catch all of the action that is out there. You don't have to worry about not being able to swing around, to catch attention and even bring home a bit of the money that is set aside for the winners. Are you one of the winners that is ready to have your name heard? This 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine makes sure to have you covered and lets you swing across the entire platform to the winnings.

Those King of Swing Symbols Have Nothing on You

When it comes to lining them up right to get the payment, you have to make sure that you're lining up the right symbols for the job. This means being able to get the swinging out of your system. If you're ready to have a great time but also learn which symbols pay out the most, then it is your lucky day. There are many symbols like the hat, bat, popcorn, cards, soda, ball, shoes and more. You can mix and match and know you're getting an awesome combination once you do.

Just make sure that you match up the high paying symbols when it comes to having something to show for it, since these are what is going to pay out in the end. The pitcher and the ball are both the symbols you want to keep your eyes open for. The ball is the scatter and this is what is going to bring a higher payout and some free games with it, while the pitcher only shows up on certain reels and is the wild. If you manage to get some of those in a row then the payout is huge. They can also replace all of the other symbols on the board except for the scatter, so keep this in mind.

Paying Out with the Bonus Games That Follow

There are so many bonus games out there that you want to make sure that you are paying attention to what is going to come with this game. When you open up the free spins feature then you will also open up a nice little mini game where you can win even more. When the mini game opens you will have a chance to hit the ball and whatever ball you choose is the winning prize that you get. This is an exciting way to win a bit more cash, some free spins or any other surprise that they are feeling like giving you.

There is a lot happening on the King of Swing slots and now you can be a part of all that they have to provide you with. You shouldn't have an issue when it comes to grabbing a little fun and games and being able to make the most of the swings, of the slots and of the fun. Who says that earning this extra cash has to be a lot of hard work? We know that this is not true and we have your back for it all.