Dream Run Slots

Dream Run is an exciting online slot game that's themed after street racing. From the moment you begin playing the slot you'll see race cars, tires, nitrous boosters and other symbols that all relate to street racing. This slot game offers some pretty exceptional top prize payouts, but only if you get lucky enough to trigger them. That's why most of the serious gamblers decide to play this slot for an extended period. If you are interested in street racing you'll likely find at least something that you enjoy about this slot game.

Setting a Bet Amount

While playing Dream Run you'll need to choose a wager amount that you are comfortable with. That means taking the time to decide whether you want to bet big or small and to decide which wager amounts you are most comfortable with. If you are a low stakes gambler you can wager as little as $0.25 per spin while playing this slot game. If you're a high roller you may be disappointed with the maximum wager you can put in, because wager amounts only climb as high as $25.00 per spin before you hit the cap. That's not a whole lot of cash for wagering and many other slot games will allow you to risk much more than that. Still, gamblers that want to win as much as possible from Dream Run will want to wager as close to $25.00 per spin as possible.

The Free Spin Round

As you play Dream Run you'll have a chance of triggering a special free spin bonus round, and this is really the most exciting part of playing this slot game. That's because you could get as many as 25 free spins with a multiplier as valuable as 7x could be rewarded. You'll select a car that needs to go through a series of races. If your car gets in the top 3 it will move on to the next race gaining a shot at bigger and better rewards. Getting a top position in the original race gets you all your free spins. From there you'll be racing for instant cash prizes and the free spin multiplier that you can use later on after the bonus races finish.

Winning Big in the Nitro Bonus

In Dream Run there is a bonus game mode known as the Nitro Racing feature. This special feature triggers after you've gone through a total of 10 races and it gives you four races to go through. During these races you'll win instant payout prizes and you'll have a chance to unlock one of two different jackpot payouts. If you make it to the fourth race and manage to win it you'll get the major jackpot. If you make it to the fourth race and lose you'll get the mini jackpot. The farther you make it in this special bonus round the better the prize payouts will be, which is why it's so important to keep playing and hoping for the best from this special jackpot feature.

Winning Big

It's possible to win as much as 7,500 coins from the jackpot in this slot game, paying out potentially thousands of dollars depending on the wager amount that you have set in place. The prize payouts in this slot aren't massive like they are with some other slot games, but there is still enough money on the line to keep things interesting as you go through spin after spin in Dream Run.

Dream Run is an exciting online slot game that has a few good things going for it. The slot offers some truly exceptional prize payouts during the free spin bonus round with the 7x multiplier. If you manage to unlock the top fixed jackpot prize during this round you can win a significant amount of cash. The game also works around an exciting theme that most players will find interesting. That's why we recommend it to gamblers looking for a fun slot to try.